You gotta give respect for the Undertaker…


So, the Undertaker is returning to RAW this coming Monday. That’s what the “2-21-11” videos are all about. The latest, “2-21-11” video clearly showed the Undertaker in it, shooting down all rumors of Sting making his WWE debut.

Have you noticed a lot of legendary wrestlers from the past, retiring from wrestling and leaving for other careers? Examples: Stone Cold, Mick Foley, The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, etc.

Not the Undertaker. He’s never backed out on WWE and he stuck with wrestling to this day. The Undertaker made his debut in WWE way back in 1990, that’s a long time he’s been with WWE, right? There’s a lot of speculation that the Undertaker will retire from WWE, but I think he’ll keep doing this until he dies.

I’m looking forward to Undertaker’s return to RAW this Monday. It’s clear that Mark Calloway loves his job too much. I think the Undertaker’s been around WWE longer than every wrestler pretty much. They don’t call him the Dead Man for nothing.


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