Thought: I really think Sly Stallone should star in Kathryn Bigelow’s “Osama Bin Laden” movie…

I doubt Sly would get the opportunity but I think it’s a nice thought. I think Sly would make a pretty good Seal Team 6 leader. That’s my choice of who I’d like to star in that Bin Laden movie. Outside of Rambo, I don’t think Sly has ever starred in other war films before. It’s been long rumored that the next Rambo movie could have been Rambo hunting down Bin Laden but it never happened. Sly shot that plot down long while back, now Rambo is never gonna happen because Sly retired the character. It’s still possible that Sly could star in a Bin Laden movie, just not as Rambo.

I’ve always wanted to see Sly in a serious war film and this would be perfect for him. So if Kathryn is reading this somehow, just my suggestion that Sly should star. I’m sure Kathryn’s Bin Laden movie is going to be extremely violent and gory, hopefully. This would be good for Sly.

Sony will probably have a big name star play the leading role for Seal Team 6, when they start casting. Arnold would be good for this movie too but he’s in trouble with his personal life so he won’t come back to movies anytime soon now.

Sly’s last movie “The Expendables” is kind of a war film actually.


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