Dexter Morgan’s popularity suddenly got big today…

While the Casey Anthony “Not Guilty” verdict was a bad thing, the good thing that got out of this, was that it helped Dexter Morgan get recognized more. Dexter is a hit show on the Showtime channel, in which, the character is played by Michael C. Hall. Dexter is a fictional serial killer who only killed other criminals. The reason it helped Dexter’s popularity was that the show Dexter is taken place in Miami, Florida while the Casey Anthony case was in Orlando. Different cities, but in the same home state. Everyone could picture Dexter taking Casey Anthony as his next victim for “The Code”.

This will certainly help the ratings with “Dexter – Season 6″ coming up.

I’m a huge fan of Dexter as you readers know, it’s one of my favorite TV shows ever. Other than ‘Game of Thrones”, “The Walking Dead’, and “Friday Night lights”. “Dexter” is really high up on the list too. Can’t wait for Season 6.


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