BREAKING NEWS: Sly Stallone, the man himself, finally confirms JCVD and Chuck Norris are in, “The Expendables”, sequel!!!!

For a long while now, it’s been long rumored that Jean Claude Van Damme and Chuck Norris could possibly star, in “The Expendables” sequel. Well, Sly Stallone the man himself, confirms to “Entertainment Weekly”, that the two action stars are indeed in the film.

Chuck Norris, has been on a Hollywood hiatus lately, as he hasn’t done anything since his direct to video movie, “The Cutter“, in 2005.

Sly reveals that he’s in a major fight scene with Jean Claude in, “The Expendables”, so this means, Jean Claude is a bad guy? That’s what it’s sounding like!!!

Sly also adds that Nicolas Cage, and John Travolta also has roles, possibly.

Read the full story, here.

Nice! Hope this movie will be much better than the first one. What UFC and WWE stars will they get for this movie? It wouldn’t surprise me if they go after Dwayne Johnson or Triple H. I would rather see Triple H in this movie, than Dwayne though. I can definitely see Triple H in the Expendables group.


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