Charlie Sheen – Roast review…

I watched, “The Roast of Charlie Sheen” on Comedy Central last night instead of Monday Night RAW. I must say that I was pretty disappointed with the show. The roasters were funny yes, they told jokes in a no holds barred type of way, they even went as far as making gay jokes and brought domestic violence into it. They even made fun of William Shatner’s plastic surgery and how he’s about ready to die and all that. It seemed like it was the Mike Tyson show ’cause the spotlight was on him most of the time.

It’s not their fault though ’cause Iron Mike is a boxing legend and he’s easy to make fun of. The roastees even went as far as making fun of Mike Tyson’s criminal past with the drugs and his history of domestic violence as well.

The roastees did pick on Charlie Sheen of course, but a little bit. Like I said, they spent most of their time making fun of the other roasters instead of Charlie. Who did I think did the best job roasting Charlie? I thought Kate Walsh did the best job. She actually pissed Charlie off a little bit.

It really is hard to piss off Charlie because he’s a pretty strong guy. I guess that’s the reason why Comedy Central wanted to do a Roast show on Charlie ’cause they wanted to find  a way to piss him off which isn’t going to be easy. Charlie just laughed and clapped throughout most of it like I predicted. He did make an angry face once when Kate Walsh was up there.

Other than that, the show was entertaining. I just wished they focused on Charlie more than the other roasters.

I’m a Charlie Sheen fan, always respected the guy. Like him or not, he is a legendary icon, no matter what you think of him. He had a pretty huge career in the movie business back in the day. I loved all of his older flicks. Will he ever come back to the movies? Well Charlie once said, he has plans in making a “Major League III”, but so far, no news about that project, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Charlie is looking so good and healthy lately. He is looking much happier too, I hope he stays this way. I didn’t really like the lunatic Charlie. Glad he’s trying to get his act together and admitting his wrong doings. It was an okay show last night, just wished it was better.


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