What’s next for Brock Lesnar’s career? I can think of 5 possibilities…

Brock Lesnar’s sudden retirement from UFC certainly got all the fans talking on what he’s going to do next in his professional career. The question we’re all wondering is, what is he planning to do next?

I can think of 5 possibilities…

  • WWE return – This is the most talked about, of course. As soon as he announced his retirement, a WWE return for Brock is all over the place online.
  • To be an author full time – His first memoir, “Deathclutch” was a success. I haven’t read his book yet but I’m meaning to read it soon. He could write books full time for a living.
  • Start an acting career for TV/Movies – UFC great, Randy Couture is already an actor, he has been for a long while. If Randy could be a successful actor out of UFC, so can Brock. Could Brock be a great action movie star? I can see it, yes.
  • Continue to work for UFC as interviewer or color commentator for fights or maybe become a trainer and manager for other fighters – I can definitely see Dana finding extra work for Brock if he chooses to continue to stay at UFC even if he won’t fight.
  • Retire from everything for good and just enjoy life with family – He could also not work at all and just enjoy the time for his family. He seems to love and care for his family too much. I’m sure he is already rich and loaded enough from his past WWE career (which I’m sure he still gets paychecks from) and UFC. So Brock will get by fine even if he won’t get work.

That’s all I can think of. Don’t get your hopes up on a WWE return, he could choose to do something else.


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