Report: Rooney Mara gets Oscar nomination for Best Actress!!!!

Wow! What a shocker! I didn’t think the Oscars would give “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” any Oscar nods, but they did end up giving Rooney Mara, a nomination for “Best Actress” for which she played, Lisbeth Salander in the film. The film also got a nod for best cinematography, editing, and sound mixing which is pretty cool! I’ve always thought Rooney’s performance in “Girl”, was Oscar worthy ’cause it was such a great performance and so intense. However, though, I don’t think Rooney is going to get the win for this category. The win for “Best Actress” will probably end up going to Michelle Williams, but it would be cool if Rooney got it ’cause she deserves it more than Michelle, in my opinion. I think the only reason Michelle is getting all the credit and recognition is because of Heath Ledger.

As for the other categories, I’m happy with the “Best Picture” selections this year. Noticing that Brad Pitt got two “Best Picture” nominations with “Moneyball”, and “The Tree of Life”. The only movies, I’ve seen out of the “Best Picture” nominations are: “The Help”, “Moneyball”, and “War Horse”, I haven’t seen the other ones. I’m hoping “The Help” will get the Best Picture win but it will probably go to “The Descendants”.

I’m predicting George Clooney will win for Best Actor for “The Descendants” as well. I haven’t seen, “The Descendants” yet, but when the film arrives on DVD, I’ll see it then.

“Actor In a Supporting Role”, I hope Jonah Hill gets the win for that one for “Moneyball” ’cause his performance was really good in that film. “Actress in a Supporting Role”, Octavia Spencer will probably get that win for “The Help”.

“Best Animated Feature”, I haven’t seen any of those films, but my guess that “Rango” would probably get the win. For “Best Director” either Martin Scorsese for “Hugo” and Alexander Payne for “The Descendants” will get the win for that one.

“Best Original Musical Score”, I’m hoping John Williams for “War Horse” will get that one. “Music Original Song”, The Muppets most definitely.

See the full nomination list, here.


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