I’m real surprised how different the “Walking Dead” TV show is from the books…***spoilers***

I’ve finally started reading the “Walking Dead” books. Just read the first two, “Days Gone By” and “Miles Behind Us”. While the stories of the TV show and books can be similar, both are pretty different too! The TV show left a lot out from the books, changed some characters, left some characters out, and changed the story around too.

Here’s how different it is from the books:

– Shane dies even sooner. In the book, Carl kills Shane while Shane was still alive. Shane didn’t turn.

– Carol doesn’t have the buzz cut like she does in the show. In the books, she has long blonde hair. I always wondered why on the show, she has the buzz cut hair do? Cancer survivor maybe? Not sure.

– Dale and Andrea were lovers, but on the show they weren’t.

– T-Dog (Tyrese) steals the show in the books, while he gets lesser TV time in the show.

– Sophia doesn’t go missing in book 2. Instead she goes to Hershel’s home with the family and she ends up falling in love with Carl, this wasn’t in the show, they took it out.

– Hershel confronts Maggie and Glenn for having sex, but in the show, he doesn’t.

– Donna and Allen were characters not in the TV show.

– No Merle and Daryl Dixon.

– There was none of that CDC stuff at the end of book 1.

– They don’t keep the Walkers in the barn top secret. In book 2, Hershel tells Rick about it first.

That’s it. You pretty much get the idea. I can understand why the “Walking Dead” TV show gets mixed reviews ’cause it’s so different than the books. No wonder people complain about the show a lot! They left a lot of important stuff from the books that weren’t in the TV show at all.

Glad I started reading the books. I’ll start reading book 3, “Safety Behind Bars”, tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “I’m real surprised how different the “Walking Dead” TV show is from the books…***spoilers***”

  1. I think a lot of the stuff in the comics will NOT make it to the screen for budgetary reasons, like their confrontation with a character whose name I believe is “the Governor.” (You will really dig him, by the way.) Now this has me curious to know who wrote the scripts for the TV show. Was it the same people who wrote the comics? If not, was the comic book writer at least brought on as a consultant to approve of the drastic changes to the original vision?

    1. I don’t think the stuff from the books that didn’t make the TV show had anything to do with money at all. The “Game of Thrones” TV show is following the books pretty well, not leaving anything out.

      When the “Walking Dead” leave stuff out, change things around, it’s all about what’s right and appropriate for the TV show. For example, the Dale and Andrea romantic relationship would be too controversial for TV and so would the Carl & Sophia romance. The TV show kept Shane alive for a while longer ’cause they figure he would be a good character for the TV show.

      It’s all about the creative direction with the writers.


  2. The fact that GAME OF THRONES doesn’t follow the books doesn’t mean anything. Not all TV shows are given the same amount of money, and they aren’t always given enough to make every aspect of a book come to life. THRONES could have gotten enough to follow the books, whereas WALKING DEAD might have a smaller budget.

  3. The Walking Dead crew have said they’re hampered by the budget. AMC keeps giving all the money to Mad Men, the show that get the critical acclaim, and there is little left over for WD, so they make due. That’s why they kept almost all of season 2 on the farm, it was cheap. If the WD crew had any stones, they’d go to AMC management, tell them, “Hey, we’re your highest rated show. Give us more money or we’ll bolt to another network.”

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