Brock Lesnar breaking Shawn Michaels arm on last night’s RAW was obviously a storyline but…

… they played it quite well.

The wrestling world of the internet is trying to make it seem like that Lesnar breaking Shawn Michaels HBK’s arm last night was real, when it was obviously fake, for a storyline angle. Back in the early 2000’s years when Brock was around WWE, he was looked at as a Monster, a tough guy you wouldn’t want to mess with. Ever since Lesnar returned to WWE, they’ve been making Brock look weak, but I see that the WWE did that on purpose ’cause they wanted to make it unpredictable, when Brock Lesnar the monster will make a return. Well, Brock the monster came back last night. Being the dominating force that he’s supposed to be. Shawn Michaels played the broken arm segment very well, making it seem realistic, maybe that’s why people on the internet thought it was real?

I remember back in the Attitude era, when Brock Lesnar teamed up with Vince McMahon to feud with Zach Gowen (the young, one legged wrestler). I remember the incident where Brock threw Zach down the stairs (search for the video in youtube, you’ll find it). Well last night’s segment with Brock, Shawn Michaels and Triple H brought back memories to the Zach Gowen angle. It was kind of similar.

Last night’s RAW ended really good though. Paul Heyman is a phenomenal mic worker when doing promos, he has always been amazing on the mic. I think Heyman is probably the best mic worker in wrestling history. He does a really good job on making you want to hate, Brock Lesnar, and be scared of him.

I’m not going to be watching “Summer Slam” this Sunday since I gave up watching WWE ppv’s, but I do kind of want to see the Brock vs. Triple H match. As for my prediction on who will win that match, probably Lesnar. Lesnar has been losing matches ever since he first returned to WWE this year, and WWE would want to make him go on top and push him heavily. Brock is only around for a short WWE run this year, but I heard that WWE is trying to extend Brock’s contract so he can be around more.

Lesnar matters in WWE ’cause he put a lot of guys over in the business, and he was the one who helped shape up the Attitude Era. WWE wanted him back this year ’cause they needed him back. WWE was getting stale without him, and the company is getting interesting again with him being back. Brock is the only one that can bring shock factor back in the WWE and he’s the only one who can do it well. WWE haven’t had anything shocking happen in a long while ever since the Nexus group took over the RAW set.

It was a pretty good RAW last night. Look like Jericho is getting a face turn (Good guy wrestler) ’cause’s been bringing his old catch phrases back lately.


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