Madonna, did she go too far this time? I’d say yes, and she should hang it up and retire already!

Nothing wrong with showing support and paying respects to a 14 year old Pakistani girl who’s life is in danger, but my god, Madge. Keep your fucking clothes on! She’s like 54 years old. She’s not a sex symbol anymore. When she takes her clothes off, she looks like a disgusting old hag. Her fans still enjoy watching her do that stuff on stage? Malala’s goal was education in her country, and it’s not a good idea for Madonna to promote sex along with it. Typical Madge. She desperate for attention more than anybody. Just quit Madge, ’cause nobody cares about you anymore.

See the article, here, and see the video below.

My heart goes out to Malala, by the way.


2 thoughts on “Madonna, did she go too far this time? I’d say yes, and she should hang it up and retire already!”

  1. Don’t come to my site to be an asshole or to give me a hard time, comments like those will not be approved.

    The thing is, there’s a big difference between men and women who go half naked. It’s okay for men to do, no matter the age, but for older women that do it, that’s a different story. It’s why Madonna’s performance above, was done in bad taste. Nobody wants to see a woman that old looking like that. It’s okay for men to go shirtless all they want to. There’s nothing gay about it at all. Pretty normal.

    I think you know that, you’re just being smartasses like usual. Stop coming here to be annoying pricks. Join in on intelligent discussions with something of value, a fun conversation. Don’t come here to argue with me about shit.


    1. I can have all kinds of opinions as I want to, but if you don’t like how I do things here, stop reading. That simple. Just play it civil, if you’re going to reply.


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