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Once again, dishonest media… Malala shooters were secretly acquitted…

Once again, you guys gotta stop trusting mainstream media sources. FOX NEWS yes but they took this piece from the Associated Press and they’re very credible. The shooters who attacked Malala were actually secretly acquitted.


Sounds to me that something Obama would do. Doing whatever it takes to protect his Muslim brothers and terrorists.


Was the Taliban attack at the Peshawar school a message to Malala, the Nobel Peace Prize winner?

I’m not blaming the attack on Malala Yousafzai but it seems that attack at the Peshawar school by the Taliban was them sending a message to Malala. She survived their gunshot while on a bus on her way home from school. It seems they aren’t done with her yet and they retaliated since she survived. It is horrible though and my heart goes out to the families of those children in Pakistan.

Funny how this happened and libtards are worried about things like waterboarding and sleep deprivation.


Maybe Osama Bin Laden really was already dead years before???

Before President Obama went on TV to announce to the world that Bin Laden was shot and killed at a compound in Pakistan by Navy Seals, there was a lot of people who believed that Bin Laden was already dead years before. It was all “conspiracy theory” and speculation but here is a former CIA Agent explaining the real story behind Bin Laden’s death. This is according to the former CIA agent but I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be true.

He claims that Bin Laden already died in 2006 of natural causes. Bin Laden was actually hiding out in Chechnya. When Bin Laden died of natural causes, three of his men buried him in the borders of Afghan/Pakistan in the mountains. One of Bin Laden’s bodyguards was the one who showed the US where they hid his body so they can take it and throw it in the ocean.

Read the full article, here.

I know this doesn’t really confirm or prove anything but for now this is just talk. Like I said don’t be surprised that if this turns out to be the truth. Now you know why Obama killed all those Seals in the Chinook helicopter ’cause they could possibly already know that Bin Laden was already dead and Obama didn’t want them telling the whole world about it. There was no assault and there was no raid on the Bin Laden compound. It was all staged by the Obama administration.

If you really think Obama and Navy Seals killed Bin Laden, I never really believed it. There was no proof. Obama refuses to release photos of Bin Laden’s body, and there was no proof of Navy Seals being a part of the so-called Bin Laden raid. It was all a lie and a cover up. You ask, why would Obama do something like this? Well, Obama announced Bin Laden’s death on TV shortly before the 2012 President Elections. So if you think about it and read between the lines… Obama wanted to be looked at as a hero and it was his way of winning the re-election.

If this turns out to be the truth and the government was able to find out about it somehow then Obama will be in deep shit. That’s an automatic impeachment right here and possible arrest. It’s treason, all the way.

You would also ask yourself, why would the government throw Bin Laden’s body in the ocean? In my opinion, it isn’t because they think he doesn’t deserve to be buried. They know that if Bin Laden’s body was looked at by coroners in an autopsy they would discover no gun shot wounds and they would have found out that he died of something else. It’s hard to prove Bin Laden’s death now since his body is in the bottom of the ocean somewhere and is probably a skeleton right now. Bin Laden’s body was never examined by coroner’s… that’s why it’s hard to find out about his death.

Obama never cared to be transparent about any of this so how can you believe Obama killed Bin Laden? You can’t believe everything the Obama administrations says.


Madonna, did she go too far this time? I’d say yes, and she should hang it up and retire already!

Nothing wrong with showing support and paying respects to a 14 year old Pakistani girl who’s life is in danger, but my god, Madge. Keep your fucking clothes on! She’s like 54 years old. She’s not a sex symbol anymore. When she takes her clothes off, she looks like a disgusting old hag. Her fans still enjoy watching her do that stuff on stage? Malala’s goal was education in her country, and it’s not a good idea for Madonna to promote sex along with it. Typical Madge. She desperate for attention more than anybody. Just quit Madge, ’cause nobody cares about you anymore.

See the article, here, and see the video below.

My heart goes out to Malala, by the way.