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Once again, dishonest media… Malala shooters were secretly acquitted…

Once again, you guys gotta stop trusting mainstream media sources. FOX NEWS yes but they took this piece from the Associated Press and they’re very credible. The shooters who attacked Malala were actually secretly acquitted.


Sounds to me that something Obama would do. Doing whatever it takes to protect his Muslim brothers and terrorists.


Was the Taliban attack at the Peshawar school a message to Malala, the Nobel Peace Prize winner?

I’m not blaming the attack on Malala Yousafzai but it seems that attack at the Peshawar school by the Taliban was them sending a message to Malala. She survived their gunshot while on a bus on her way home from school. It seems they aren’t done with her yet and they retaliated since she survived. It is horrible though and my heart goes out to the families of those children in Pakistan.

Funny how this happened and libtards are worried about things like waterboarding and sleep deprivation.


Madonna, did she go too far this time? I’d say yes, and she should hang it up and retire already!

Nothing wrong with showing support and paying respects to a 14 year old Pakistani girl who’s life is in danger, but my god, Madge. Keep your fucking clothes on! She’s like 54 years old. She’s not a sex symbol anymore. When she takes her clothes off, she looks like a disgusting old hag. Her fans still enjoy watching her do that stuff on stage? Malala’s goal was education in her country, and it’s not a good idea for Madonna to promote sex along with it. Typical Madge. She desperate for attention more than anybody. Just quit Madge, ’cause nobody cares about you anymore.

See the article, here, and see the video below.

My heart goes out to Malala, by the way.