Cool Photo: See “Man of Steel” cast and Zack Snyder at the NYC premiere…



“Man of Steel” cast and Zack Snyder hanging at the premiere in NYC. Don’t those three women look beautiful? Hell yeah, they do. Seems that Michael Shannon stands taller than everyone else, LOL! I just looked up Michael’s height and he’s 6 foot 3. Yes, that is Laurence Fishburne who plays a black Perry White in the film.

Can’t wait to see “Man of Steel”. Critics are already giving this movie rave reviews so look like everyone will be happy with this film. I’m pretty sure I’m seeing, “Man of Steel”, this weekend. I won’t be seeing it alone, I believe. I’m possibly going with several other friends in my area. I would have gone to see this movie alone but with this being, “Superman”, you can’t see it alone. You want to see this movie with other people to make it a blast. You want to have fun cheering on for Superman.

Really looking forward to this flick. When I do see it, I’ll review it for my blog for sure.


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