Turns out, Col. Bristol is NOT retired and still working…

A marine corps officer, Col. Bristol, was reported missing in the news but the Pentagon at first weren’t gonna talk about his whereabouts, now the Defense Department are admitting that he is not yet retired. The Pentagon announced that Col. Bristol will be available to speak with the House/Senate behind closed doors (as in a private meeting), and the private meeting will be about none other than the Benghazi, Sept 11th 2012 attacks.

Col. Bristol seems to know so much about the attacks which is probably why they want the meeting to be private (I bet the Obama administration wanted it to be that way).

Read the full story, here.

It’s been 10 months. 2 more months away ’til the 1st Anniversary and still no answers. How come the Obama administration are still being secretive on all this? How come this tragedy has been left so mysterious? The 4 victims deserves their justices too just like you think Trayvon Martin deserves his justice. Where is Obama hiding the survivors and where is he hiding the other important witnesses? When will the whole world know that Hillary and Obama were behind the whole thing all along?

A lot of people already know that the Obama administration were totally responsible for the deaths of the 4 Americans… it just needs to get proven somehow.

Benghazi should be good enough for impeachment/arrest. I doubt anything will come out of Col. Bristol either ’cause the Obama administration is just probably sending him out to lie and cover up even more — why do you think they’re doing a behind closed doors meeting?

Obama is just doing his best to protect himself and to protect his presidency. The guy’s a power hungry egomaniac. Whenever Obama’s exposed for Benghazi, hopefully that will be good enough for America to finally realize how evil this man really is. The time will come, trust me. I’ll even bet you money, if you want.


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