Why so many people blame Obama for Benghazi attacks…

I understand that some people find it hard to believe that Obama would be responsible for killing 4 American men at a US consulate in Benghazi but here is a few things to think about why so many people are blaming him.

So many people are blaming him for a few simple reasons: 1) He’s not talking. 2) He’s trying to keep Benghazi off the media.

I mean, think about it, right? It can’t be that difficult to give us answers. It can’t be that hard to talk about it. So many people kept pressuring him about Benghazi and President Obama still won’t talk. All he’ll do is lie and dodge the questions… it’s ridiculous. You know how when you accuse somebody online of something and that person will delete all the posts and run away? That is exactly what’s going on with Obama. So many people calls him out on Benghazi and he just runs away.

If he keeps going after people for reporting on Benghazi and trying to keep it off the media, then something’s gotta be fishy. I mean, this stuff is not good enough for you to believe that he was totally behind the Benghazi attack?

If he’s not talking, then he is definitely protecting something. He’s either protecting himself or someone else or a little bit of both. He’s definitely got something to hide and he definitely knows way too much about Benghazi than we all do. There have to be a pretty good reason why he’s not talking. He wouldn’t keep quiet about it over nothing. If it turns out that he wasn’t responsible for the attacks, then he’s definitely protecting somebody (possibly Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, etc.).

I think it’s obvious that he was behind the attack. It may have been a gun-running scandal gone wrong kind of like, “Operation: F&F”.

Sure, there’s no hard evidence yet but it’ll all come out… give it time.

It doesn’t matter how much time Barack has left of his presidency, Benghazi needs to be investigated and he needs to be held accountable for his actions. Even if he wasn’t responsible for the attacks, he’ll still get in trouble either way simply for not giving us an explanation and not sending out military help.

It’s pretty crazy how Benghazi went on for this long with no answers. Barack is never gonna tell the truth no matter how many people keep pressuring him about it. If he won’t tell the truth, then we’ll get the truth from him… somehow and someway. Barack covered his tracks well on the Benghazi attacks. He made it difficult for people to discover the truth. I think there is somebody out there who knows the truth and that person will come forward, I hope. There’s gotta be people out there that knows a lot and there’s gotta be evidence out there somewhere.

You can run but you can’t hide. You can’t get away with any crime. The Obama administration will be held accountable.


2 thoughts on “Why so many people blame Obama for Benghazi attacks…”

    1. Well, I would think none other than Congress would lead it. They have been investigating as they already had plenty of hearings and whistleblowers already testified and stuff but very little information came from them. Still no hard evidence yet. I think Benghazi should have a federal investigation, though. It should be investigated by FBI and not by Congress. There would be an FBI investigation but not enough evidence from Congress to get one started.

      All because this fuckin’ administration covered their tracks really good. They’re trying to get away with it.


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