President Obama haven’t been impeached and arrested yet due to bad journalism???

Maybe this is the reason why America have a hard time understanding on what kind of man President Obama really is… it’s because of all the bad journalism in the media. The media is indeed helping to protect Obama too. There’s no doubt about that. All the news media: CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, CBS, The Today Show, etc… all of that stuff is garbage. I don’t watch or read any of it. It’s pretty obvious that the Obama Administration are controlling the media ’cause every time the media reports things Obama doesn’t agree with… they are either forced to apologize or they lose their jobs… take your pick. They are also trying their best to keep anything Benghazi off the national media.

A lot of people know that Obama is a cold-blooded murderer. Some people have a hard time believing it ’cause the media is not reporting this stuff… yet…

Once the truth finally comes out and once Obama is finally exposed the cold-blooded killer he is… this will be juicy stuff for the media and they’ll eat it all up for sure. Just wait to see what happens when the truth finally comes out of Benghazi. It’ll be a media frenzy for days.

This is why I prefer to read alternative news ’cause they are more honest and realistic. Our national media is shit when it comes to reporting news in politics. This is part of why liberal media is getting really bad ’cause most of the media outlets I listed above is pretty liberal reporting.

The media is part of why President Obama gets away with the stuff he does. I agree that if the media was doing their jobs… Obama would have been gone a long time ago. I can’t stand the fucking news anymore.


6 thoughts on “President Obama haven’t been impeached and arrested yet due to bad journalism???”

    1. I usually go through a lot of facebook stuff. They would post all kinds of alternative sources. I usually go to stuff like InfoWars or The Blaze, things like that.


      1. You should try listening to NPR and reading papers (Washington Post for instance). Those alternative sources are only giving you information you WANT to hear.

      2. Even NPR and the newspapers aren’t credible source. I hate ’em all. Don’t read any of them.


      3. Yeah, that was kind of my point. You only read what you know will give you the answers you to want. Saying the Washington Post isn’t credible is ludicrous. The Post is basically the pinnacle of American journalism.

      4. I don’t care what anybody says. The national media when it comes to reporting politics is all bullshit. I think guys like Alex Jones, and Glenn Beck are the best news around. Sharyl Atkinson is awesome too. These guys are the true journalists in my opinion. They do more than just calling out President Obama on everything. They are just better at telling the truth than the media. They tell the truth like no one else would. What’s not to like about Alex Jones? I don’t agree with some of the stuff he says but even he calls out both republican/democrat. He doesn’t like either party.

        The only reason I can think of that you wouldn’t like these guys ’cause you don’t like them exposing the truth about your boy, Obama.


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