About Ted Nugent’s “Subhuman Mongrel” comment…

When I first heard Ted Nugent said those two words, “Subhuman Mongrel”, when describing president Obama, I thought he meant a “less than human dog”. I knew that Subhuman meant “less than human” but I didn’t think it came from the Nazi’s use toward blacks. I just didn’t know that Nazis used the word “Subhuman” until I looked it up. The word “Subhuman” was used by Nazis during WWII but the word, “mongrel” wasn’t. A “mongrel” is a dog with different breeds. When Ted said those words, I think he meant that Obama was a less than human dog… he wasn’t talking about the majority of black people. I think Ted used the wrong word by mistake so I don’t think Ted is a racist at all. I think what Ted meant to say was that Obama isn’t human and he’s just an animal w/ different breeds.

I’m sure Ted will respond to this when he gets around to it so we’ll wait and see. Maybe he’ll clear things up.

On top of that. Are you like fuckin’ surprised he would say something like that? He’s Ted Nugent. He’s been saying wild and crazy shit for years so this is nothing new with Ted. I don’t take what he says seriously ’cause I always found his rants and honesty entertaining as hell. The man tells it like it is every time.

The only racist we have here is none other than President Obama himself. He hates white people. Can’t you see it??? Every time an important white person dies like Navy Seal Chris Kyle or Margaret Thatcher, they get ignored by Obama, yet he’s all over Nelson Mandela’s death instead. Look at all of Obama’s murder victims from the past… are any of his murder victims black? Listen to Obama’s comments on Trayvon Martin. Obama treats black people like they’re heroes but treats us white people like we’re garbage. Obama wants all white people dead. Period. End of story. So who’s the racist now???


10 thoughts on “About Ted Nugent’s “Subhuman Mongrel” comment…”

  1. Wow. The other day I was thinking to myself you weren’t too far from making a “white pride” post, and here you are, teetering on the edge of it.

    1. It’s true that Barack hates white people. I can go around and find plenty of quotes through Barack’s speeches over the years where he makes white people look bad. The Trayvon Martin speech should be good enough proof that he hates white people. A lot of whites out there are offended and outraged at his racist behavior against whites. Not just me. Barack is the racist piece of garbage.


      1. If you don’t like my opinions and thoughts, bone, you can get off my site and stop reading. I know you don’t like me too much — I can tell, you keep coming here ’cause you’re addicted and can’t help it. I’ll say what I want. I don’t care if others find what I say is offensive.


    1. I already saw that stuff that Rand Paul is demanding The Nuge to apologize. In all honesty, though, why should Nuge apologize? Obama is disgraceful and a piece of garbage destroying this country. I think Rand Paul is just doing this to boost his campaigning.

      Look at some of the twitter responses…

      Sen. Paul is getting mixed responses. Sen. Paul is losing respect ’cause of this.

      Nobody owes Obama anything.


      1. Some of the responses to that Rand Raul twitter about Ted Nugent…

        “@bradcooney1 @SenRandPaul seems like Rand Paul is becoming like the rest. Playing the political game. Cant trust any of them. had high hopes”

        “@SenRandPaul freedom of speech! When did obama ever appologize for his comments about Bush! Grow some, cowards in congress, afraid to offend”

        “@SenRandPaul You sound like a pussy, Rand. Not surprising given you’re now an open-borders Cultural Marxist. Go away!”

        “@SenRandPaul Someone tell that to @ChrisLoesch – or is Rand a RINO now?”

        “@SenRandPaul @GOPBlackChick Where were you when Sarah Pahlin was being called things even worse”

        Most of those responses came from women. Ouch!

        I’m with them too, Rand Paul is losing my respect as well.


  2. Btw, look like Ted Nugent already responded and addressed this issue, from his official facebook page:

    “Are words really more offensive than…
    …5 dead Americans on Obamaswatch? …a gunrunning attorney general? …criminal IRS jackboots? …Obama Mao redistribution? …denying Ft Hood heroes they’re just due? …Pilosi’s vulgar abuse of power? …presidential lies? …the Saul Alinsky klan? …a biased lying media? …engineered unemployment? …engineered recidivism? …government out of control? …jackboots raiding Gibson guitars? …blackpanthers threatening voters? …trampling the US Constitution? …the death tax? …government spying on Americans? …forcing Americans to buy healthcare for others? …Al not so Sharpton racism? …the racist knockout game? …an anti education system? …making the poor poorer? …denying vets proper medical treatment? …infringing on 2A rights? …violating your oath of office? …fundamentally transforming America? …racial preferences? …hating America? …punishing the producers? …enslaving the uneducated? …buying votes? …the scam of social justice? …the scam of economic equality? …supporting partial birth abortion murder? …bribing & rewarding bloodsuckers & conartists? …ignoring threats against America? …abandoning Americans held by our enemies? …runawayfraud deceit & gvt corruption? …refusal of accountability? …lying about Benghazi? …fast & furious? …claiming 4 dead Americans dont matter? …Brian Terrys murder? …denying Ft Hood was terrorism?”

    After all that stuff, I think Ted has every right to say those words. He just wants people to wake up like everyone else. He may have been offensive and out of line but whatever it takes to tell the truth.


    1. Even Ted knows about Barack hating white people, how come people aren’t offended at that? Where’s the outrage there?


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