Is Harrison Ford too old for Star Wars??? I’d say no…

Whenever Harrison Ford gets confirmed to reprise his role as Han Solo for “Star Wars 7”, I have a feeling a lot of people are gonna criticize his age for this. They always criticize Harrison’s age. People did it when he agreed to return to Indiana Jones, “The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” movie. I don’t think age is a problem when it comes to Star Wars. I think Harrison can handle action scenes just fine ’cause remember Harrison was in “The Expendables 3” film and I’m pretty sure he’ll do some action scenes in that film. Harrison is still doing his own stunts in other action films. On top of that, there have been other Star Wars actors who were aging at the time doing their own stunts: Sir Alec Guinness, Christopher Lee, etc. They were doing some pretty physical stuff too!

I know the new Star Wars films are going to focus on young characters as the main stars but Han Solo is probably gonna end up helping the young Jedi’s out in some way. Will we see the return of the Millennium Falcon? I’m hoping for that too.

Harrison maybe getting older but I’m pretty sure he’ll still kill it as the Han Solo role. I’m sure we’ll still get the same wisecracking humorous smuggler like he was in the original trilogy — the only difference is that he’ll be a little older. Other questions: Will Han be married to Leia by this time? Will they have kids together? From the looks of things… it’s looking like the new film may focus on a family.

Even though Harrison, Carrie and Mark haven’t played these characters in many years… I’m sure all three will kill it. They’ll do a great job, I’m sure. When will we ever get a confirmation on whether or not they’ll be in? I think they just did confirm it by saying “familiar faces”, they just didn’t name names yet. They will soon, though.


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