What I hope for in “Star Wars 7″…

Like most Star Wars fans, I too am hoping they make “Star Wars 7” a really good film. I’m still a little skeptical of JJ directing/writing it due to the disaster of “Star Trek Into Darkness” but since Lawrence Kasdan helped JJ with the writing… maybe that will help. I’m hoping the film will be pretty dark and intense. Sort of like, “Empire Strike Back”. In my opinion, I think “Empire Strike Back” was the best Star Wars film. “Star Wars 7” will probably end up being an introduction of a new trilogy. Introducing a new plot and new characters. I’m sure the Empire will still be around after 30 years of the events of Vader/Palpatine in “Return of the Jedi”.

In JJ’s Star Wars, I’m sure everything might be a little different than what George Lucas have done to them. I’m sure JJ will have some of George Lucas’s style in the new film but I’m also sure JJ will have some of his own style in it as well. There will probably be new spaceships for the Empire and the Rebel Alliance. I’m sure we’ll have different laser effects for the laser guns on spaceships and hand weapons. I’m also sure the Jedi lightsabers will be different than Lucas’s version. I’m sure there will still be stormtroopers but JJ will for sure give the stormtroopers a new armor and new design.

Keep in mind that the new trilogy will be taken place 30 years after the original trilogy so there’s probably gonna be all new technology in the film. With today’s technology in film making, everything’s gonna be different.

I think I know why they had to set “Star Wars Episode 7” 30 years after “Return of the Jedi”. I mean, think about it, right? It helps explains the aging of Han, Leia and Luke since Harrison, Carrie, and Mark are older now. So there’s definitely a 100% chance that they are in.

I’m sure “Star Wars 7” will keep the opening Star Wars crawl with the three paragraphs crawling into space with the main theme playing. I’m sure John Williams will kill it with the score for the rest of the movie.

I hope this film will be action-packed. It probably will be. I also hope this film will have the same feeling as the original trilogy totally ignoring the prequels.

We had to suffer through three bad prequels thanks to George Lucas so Star Wars needs to be GREAT again. I pray they do a good job with this one.

I have no idea what the plot is going to be yet but since this is focused on younger characters and Adam Driver’s villain character will be similar to Darth Vader, I think I might be figuring it out a little bit. I think what the plot may be is that after the events of Vader/Palpatine in the last film, there is still Empire around and they vow to get revenge at Luke Skywalker. Adam Driver’s villain character (who ever that may be) is desperate to find Luke (that’s why Hammill have to be back) and wants to destroy Luke after what he did to Vader/Palpatine. The Empire is still after Luke (who would be a Jedi by now) in the film so he has other young Jedi hopefuls to help him and protect him.

Only thing though, we had this helping to train young kids hoping to be Jedi’s plot too many times. They had that plot idea in the original trilogy and in the prequels so no need to rehash that idea again. I think it’s preferably that the kids are already Jedi’s. That would make it more interesting. Young Jedi’s help fight off the Empire with Luke’s help.

Will there be a new death star in the film? Possibly but the Rebel Alliance will want to destroy the death star again so no need to rehash that plot idea as well.

In the new film, I’m sure we’ll get plenty of space battles and lightsaber combat. They’ll make the film exciting and fun, I hope.

Every time I go see a Star Wars film, the audience will stand up and cheer a lot. We need to feel that with this film so hopefully they give us a reason to stand up and cheer again.

Will Ben Kenobi the ghost come back in this one? I’m not sure… it’s going to be hard to get Sir Alec Guiness’s voice-overs but I’m sure they’ll figure something out. They’ll give Ben Kenobi a cameo of some sort. Yoda will probably return but as a ghost this time.

It’ll be interesting to see how they pull this off. As you know, JJ Abrams is obsessed with secrecy. He is secretive with all of his projects and he’ll do the same with Star Wars. Reveal a little bit at a time. Once again, I pray they do a good job. I wanna like Star Wars again ’cause I haven’t been liking it for a long while.


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