Warner Bros. reveals subtitle for “Batman vs. Superman” film and new logo…


This is pretty sweet!!! The new Batman logo is getting a lot of mixed criticism but I like it. The logo is trying to keep away from the Michael Keaton and Christian Bale design. Totally original!

I’m sure this film will be just as good as “Man of Steel”!

I guess everyone can easily predict on how this movie is gonna go so this movie might be a bit too predictable. Batman and Superman will be enemies throughout most of the movie… then they team up to form Justice League at the end of the film. They might surprise us with something different, though.

When are they gonna show us the new Wonder Woman? Hopefully soon.


Edit to add: I just wanted to add, noticed how the background is kind of blue. Maybe that’s a sign that Batman’s new suit will be colored blue after all???

One thought on “Warner Bros. reveals subtitle for “Batman vs. Superman” film and new logo…”

  1. The Batman logo in “Batman V Superman” is pretty much taken from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns comic from the mid 80s, which in its second half was a Batman/Superman fight. Synder said that the Miller comic was a big influence (though the plot will not be directly adapted.)

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