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Film Review: “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice”

Starring: Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Amy Adams, Jeremy Irons, Jesse Eisenberg

Directed By: Zack Snyder

So today I’ve just seen the movie, “Batman vs. Superman” and here is my review…

Plot/Synopsis: Fearing the actions of Superman are left unchecked, Batman takes on the man of steel, while the world wrestles with what kind of a hero it really needs. With Batman and Superman fighting each other, a new threat, Doomsday, is created by Lex Luthor. It’s up to Superman and Batman to set aside their differences along with Wonder Woman to stop Lex Luthor and Doomsday from destroying Metropolis.

As usual this movie is getting mixed reviews. It’s another love or hate kind of movie but what do you expect when it comes to Zack Snyder films? Pretty much all of his movies get love & hate reviews but that’s okay. In my opinion, you shouldn’t listen to the nasty critics.

A lot of people are saying this movie is too long and saying that the first half is pretty slow pacing. Well when it comes to superhero movies, all people want to see is nothing but action. When you go see a movie like “Batman vs. Superman” of course, you’re gonna expect it to have full of action but if you’re expecting this movie to be full of action scenes… you probably will be disappointed ’cause this isn’t that kind of movie at all. It’s different. Instead, Snyder wanted to tell a serious story. There are plenty of action scenes but the good stuff won’t come ’til like the second half of the movie.

There’s a pretty good reason why the first half is slow ’cause #1: They needed a new re-introduction of both Batman and Superman which Snyder did a lovely job at. #2 Snyder wanted to give a backstory to both Superman and Batman. Another thing, they needed to tell the Batman origin story first which makes a lot of sense. Then they need to lead up to where Batman and Superman meet up together for the first time.

This movie is almost like a graphic novel. That’s what I felt like when I was watching this film. I felt like I was reading a graphic novel. Zack Snyder did an amazing job making this movie like a graphic novel or a comic book which was pretty close to it. The visuals and graphics of this movie were pretty phenomenal which is no surprise though ’cause Snyder is the master at visuals, we all know that.

This is a movie where comic book lovers would geek out over for sure. I thought Ben Affleck did a great job as Batman. His Batman was badass, in my opinion. So far, I think Ben played the best Batman and I’m not kidding either. Out of all the Batmans so far Keaton, West, Bale, Kilmer, and Clooney… I think Ben just topped them all. I also loved Gal Gaddot as Wonder Woman and loved Jason Momoa as the Aquaman. Momoa as Aquaman made a small cameo at least.

With all this being said, I thought “Batman vs. Superman” was a pretty amazing film. Don’t listen to the nasty critics. Finally a superhero movie with a plot and it’s not just about action scenes. Now I’m looking forward to the “Wonder Woman” standalone movie and the “Justice League” film. Bring them on. I think Snyder is a doing a good job with these movies. So many people are complaining about how Hollywood can’t come up with anything original but with the way I’m seeing things is Zack Snyder is trying to keep these films original as possible. He’s doing a great job. I never thought Snyder would be able to pull of Superhero movies but he’s doing it. I think Snyder is the best at making superhero films and I mean that too. I hope he keeps doing them.

I love how Snyder creates controversy with the casting and all which is ballsy for him. Snyder’s casting choices are pretty weird yes but once you see the film yourself, you’ll see that his casting choices are right.

I’ll give “Batman vs. Superman” a 5 out of 5 as in “excellent”.


Warner Bros. reveals subtitle for “Batman vs. Superman” film and new logo…


This is pretty sweet!!! The new Batman logo is getting a lot of mixed criticism but I like it. The logo is trying to keep away from the Michael Keaton and Christian Bale design. Totally original!

I’m sure this film will be just as good as “Man of Steel”!

I guess everyone can easily predict on how this movie is gonna go so this movie might be a bit too predictable. Batman and Superman will be enemies throughout most of the movie… then they team up to form Justice League at the end of the film. They might surprise us with something different, though.

When are they gonna show us the new Wonder Woman? Hopefully soon.


Edit to add: I just wanted to add, noticed how the background is kind of blue. Maybe that’s a sign that Batman’s new suit will be colored blue after all???

Zack Snyder reveals Ben Affleck in Batman costume and new Batmobile!!!


When Ben Affleck was first announced to play Batman for the upcoming untitled, “Batman vs. Superman” flick… movie fans weren’t very kind and had very critical opinions of Ben in the role. Maybe all those critics will have a change of opinion to something more positive now that this photo finally came out. I think Ben looks really good as Batman and I think other fans would agree now.

This is why you can’t badly judge early, ya know?? 🙂

I think the new Batmobile looks cool too.

I kind of figure WB’s was still gonna still use the Dark Knight Batman which is predictable but the new suit does look a little different than the previous Batmans, though. The ears are a lot smaller which is what I like.

I think Ben has what it takes to play this role! I think he’ll kill it and will do a good job. I’m not a huge fan of Ben’s liberal politics but he always have been a good actor and director… I’ve always respected him.

I was hoping they would add some color to the Batman suit ’cause Batman had various styles of suits over the years. I was hoping they would ditch the black armor and rubber suit but guess not. Ben still looks badass, though!

Now lets see a photo of Gal Gadot in the Wonder Woman costume next please. 🙂




Zack Snyder gives us sneak peek on new Batmobile for “Batman vs. Superman”!!!


Zack Snyder just dropped this tweet today. Giving us a little sneak peek of the new Batmobile that Ben Affleck will be driving for “Batman vs. Superman” film. In all the previous Batman films, the Batmobile was huge protected with black armor. Look like they’re not doing it that way with this new Batmobile. They’re going old-school it looks like.


Zack Snyder confirmed to direct “Justice League” film which is no surprise…

I had a feeling that Zack Snyder was going to get the opportunity to direct, “Justice League” film.

I know “Man of Steel” got mixed reviews but I thought “Man of Steel” was an excellent film. I never understood the mixed reviews of the first “Man of Steel”. I thought the film was well-done. It was realistic, heartfelt, action-packed, etc. Just like a Superman movie is supposed to be. I’m also looking forward to “Batman vs. Superman” too.

I know Zack’s casting choices are really weird but it’s just his way of keeping his Superman re-boot as original as possible. It’s just his way of trying to keep away from the Richard Donner/Christopher Reeve universe, know what I mean? He’s just trying to keep it different as possible.

Now that they got casting for the new Batman (Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot). I wonder who they’re gonna get for the Flash and the Green Lantern? I’m sure they’ll find people for those two characters soon.


Jessie Eisenberg is the new Lex Luthor and Jeremy Irons is the new Alfred for “Batman vs. Superman”…

So the big news today in the movie world is that Warner Bros. has found actors to play Lex Luthor and Alfred for the “Batman vs. Superman” film. Jesse Eisenberg who is most-famous for roles like, “Zombieland” and “The Social Network” is the new Lex Luthor and Jeremy Irons who is most-famous as the leading villain for the film, “Die Hard With a Vengeance” is the new Alfred Pennyworth.

Sure enough, there are mixed opinions from movie fans about this casting. I’m noticing that people have no problem with Jeremy Irons as the new Alfred and I agree that’s a good choice but everyone has a problem with Jesse Eisenberg playing the new Lex.

Everybody’s complaining that Jesse is too young to playing Lex. I agree that Jesse is young. He’s like 30. Maybe they just want to go for a younger Lex this time around? In the “Man of Steel” film, they changed all the characters. In the first movie, the casting choices sparked some controversy especially the black Perry White who is played by Laurence Fishburne. When the movie came out… people had no problem with the casting and got positive responses.

I see Zack is doing the same thing with “Batman vs. Superman”. Making changes with the characters again. The reason they have to do this is this is Zack’s way of staying away from the Richard Donner/Christopher Reeve films. Maybe they felt that an old Lex Luthor has been done to death so they’re gonna go for a younger Lex which is a good idea.

People are saying hateful things about Jesse playing Lex. People are already going, “uggghhh, this movie officially sucks”.

Do people have to be so opinionated and hateful this soon? I wouldn’t judge this early. I’m not saying whether or not Jesse’s a good choice but who knows, maybe he DOES have what it takes to play Lex. Maybe Jesse does have what it takes to be menacing and evil. I’m gonna wait ’til I see a trailer or something and then I’ll make my opinion on whether Jesse is a good choice or not.

People are quick at judging ’cause that’s the way the internet works. Popular opinion have always been a huge problem online.

I’m willing to give this a chance. I respect and have faith in Zack Snyder ’cause he’s clearly not afraid to go for what he wants for his films, not caring what the public thinks. He just gives what’s right for the film and that’s all I can say.