The Isis take over of Iraq and other countries is just the beginning of the United States of Islam…

I’ve been saying for a long time now that Islam wants to take over the United States by turning us into a Muslim state.

Does this map look familiar to you guys?

A few of you guys called it bullshit that there are no signs of Muslims wanting to take over America, look who the bullshit one is now, eh? Just like Dinesh D’ Souza warned everyone in his movie, “2016: Obama’s America”.

Obama is on the move creating the United States of Islam right now. Obama created the Isis group. Look it up. Isis was trained by the U.S.

They could be making their way here to the U.S.

Yeah, I told ya so, too. You guys should listen to me more often. The United States should be very scared of Isis.


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