Why do people still worship Barack Obama like he’s king? They really shouldn’t be…

While Obama’s not doing so good in the ratings and the different polls out there, Obama still have a lot of support and people still treat him positively. It’s mostly the people on the left who still treat him positively. No matter how many scandals and crimes that gets thrown at him whether it’s Benghazi, Operation F&F, the NDAA, NSA, IRS, The VA, Obamacare, journalist wiretapping, etc. The left still support him and treat him positively. They still believe that he has done nothing impeachable or criminal. Even the Bergdahl trade-in and all of these border crisis stuff is still not good enough to wake them up yet.

I know this that people still worship Obama like he’s the fuckin’ king or something, ya know? I never understood it. In my personal facebook page, my friendslist is full of left-wingers. I do hate that my facebook page is full of left-wingers but I don’t delete ’em all ’cause many of them are acquaintances, friends, family members, musicians, fans, people from school, etc. They all still treat Obama positively. They still think he is a great president.

While all of this border crisis is going on down south, Obama is doing all of these fundraisers and speeches down there and he still has huge supporters of his everywhere. I am really confused and scared at the same time. We have a lawless president here who don’t care about the law and the constitution… yet people want to ignore his bullshit and support him?

If y’all wanna support a war criminal, dictator, Muslim, Communist, fraud, liar, etc. — whatever you wanna call him these days — go for it, fine by me.

Someday you’re gonna regret supporting this guy. Someday you’re gonna regret voting him twice. It’s pretty insane that they still haven’t regretted it yet. They know that he’s bad. They know what he’s doing to America. Liberals are the worst liars on the planet.

I strongly believe that the only reason they stayed loyal to Obama ’cause he changed his stance on gay marriage and they’re hoping he’ll fight for gay marriage to be legal in the USA. They also support him over Obamacare — a lot of them really think it’s a good health law. They also support immigration reform and they think illegals deserve citizenship ’cause they are too deluded to think that’ll help the economy. These are just a few reasons why the left still support Obama.

It’s insane, man. Obama can commit all kinds of crimes and come up with all kinds of new scandals, people will still worship him like he’s king.

This is another reason why it’s very challenging to hold Obama accountable for his actions ’cause he has so much support from the left. They’re letting him get away with the things he does and the left is helping to protect him too. They don’t want to see him get in trouble. That’s why they defend him for everything they got even if it’s the smallest things. They never want to see him as a bad man.

When the left wants to support somebody like that, then they are traitors and they shouldn’t have the privilege to vote. Yes, I really said that and don’t feel apologetic. You wanna support a madman, I can’t give you my support myself

Even though in facebook, I hate deleting people… I only do it if they still show strong support for Barack Obama.. Many in facebook still support Obama but many of them don’t publicly show it ’cause they know they would get blasted by the right. That’s why I’m noticing that many on the left keep their mouth shut about their support for Obama but I can tell that they still support him, though. No doubt about that.

Anyway, no matter where you go online, when you want to criticize Obama, you’ll get blasted by the left everywhere. In your facebook, other facebook groups/forums, etc. People will defend him no matter the situation and lie to you. They know he’s bad. They know you’re right about him… they are lying. All the way.

Even if some people “claim” they don’t like Barack, they still think he does nothing wrong.

It really is nuts how all of this is. I’m sick of it. Sick of it all.

We should be scared of Obama opening the borders down south. We’ll be getting more gang members and criminals spreading around America committing dangerous acts of crime. Crime in Texas is already on the rise ’cause of Obama opening the borders. We’ll soon get that all over. The border crisis is all part of Obama’s plan in transforming America. Part of his goal in turning us into a Muslim state.

As far as Obama’s supporters, fans and worshipers go… if they wanna enjoy and be entertained by Obama destroying America by all means… that’s their prerogative. It is my prerogative to dislike their support for Obama. This guy is not our king. He’s an evil, murderous madman. What will it take to get everyone in America to finally see that???


22 thoughts on “Why do people still worship Barack Obama like he’s king? They really shouldn’t be…”

  1. You must be hanging out at a lot of liberal websites. Because I certainly am not seeing any Obama worship going on.

    His numbers are wayyy down even in mainstream media.

    So if your seeing Obama worship, you’re hanging in the wrong places.

    1. You’re right. I have been visiting liberal sites. I just lurk and don’t post. I just read for kicks. That is all.


      1. Like I said in this post, my facebook friendslist is full of liberals too so…


      2. Also, not really life. Get out and about and experience things in person. You’ll find the world is a lot different than you perceive it to be. Hell, I’m more liberal than Obama. Do I worship him? No. I’ve found both terms to be lower than my expectations.

  2. That shit’s gonna fuck you up. It’s like a disease. You’re getting brainwashed, and it’s affecting your attitude. Stay away. Stay far faaaaarrrr away.

  3. You guys just don’t understand the point of this post at all. This post isn’t just about me looking at liberal facebook groups/forums… this post is about liberals supporting Barack Obama everywhere. Not just online… everywhere. Even if I stop lurking at those forums/group sites, I’m still gonna get liberals everywhere ’cause they are everywhere. You can’t escape ’em. Obama still has a lot of supporters and worshipers… why do you think he was elected twice????


    1. I live in one of the most liberal places on the planet. You would think if there was “Obammy worship” anywhere, it would be here, but there isn’t. Plenty people here are fed up with him. They’re still Libtards, and they still tow the Lib line, but they aren’t all over Obama like you claim to be seeing everywhere.

      1. Some liberals may already starting to get turned off about him but not enough. There are still many that still have a hard on for him today. It’s crazy.


      2. I can’t count how many times I tried to warn people about Obama but they are like, “yeah whatever”, they just ignore it and laugh it off.

        I’ll never forget that huge Obamacare debate in facebook with a bunch of Greenwich people and I know many of them. I tried to warn them about the ACA but none of them listened to me. All they did was blasted me, calling me a troll and stuff. They all defended the ACA like it was the greatest thing that ever happened to them.


      3. Did you offer them alternatives? Some people do have medical costs and unless you show them a way of being able to afford it, they’re going to support the ACA out of principle.

      4. I didn’t get into specifics on other health care insurance but all I said was that there is better out there. Sure enough, they keep defending the ACA claiming it’ll help them and it’s gonna be great and all that stuff. When they claim the ACA is a good health law, I honestly believe they are lying. They signed up for it hoping to win approval and respect with the people around them.

        The ACA maybe helpful and successful to some people but that’s how Barack is fooling people with it. There are too many things that people don’t know about the ACA like they think they do. There’s a lot of bad stuff about it… plus, everything Obamacare or the ACA is illegal and unconstitutional. They are all supporting something that is illegal and criminal.

        I don’t care how helpful or successful the ACA is… the last thing they wanna trust is something that is being done by Barack Obama who is a lawless president and dictator. They don’t realize that Obama’s goal with the ACA is to ruin people’s lives, not make them better.


  4. Do people in your area often openly talk about their political beliefs? Most people I encounter don’t unless I ask, and I usually have no reason to ask, so I can’t say if anyone is a liberal or a conservative most of the time.

    1. Believe me, I get confronted by my anti-Obama stuff online all the time. Even people have confronted me in person about it. There are still people who really believe there is nothing wrong with Barack at all. He has way too many scandals to count and after all that… they just ignorantly blame republicans/conservatives accusing that stuff of being conspiracy theory and all that. They accuse me of reading too much fake bullshit when I don’t.

      There are too many deluded idiots out there who think there is nothing wrong with Barack and that includes you guys who pretends there is nothing wrong with him after everything I’ve posted about him on here.

      People really are ridiculous and messed up when it comes to politics. Can’t deny that.


      1. People can confront me, call me out all they want to, etc. Whatever. My thoughts on Barack Obama over the years will always remain the same. I don’t care how mad people get. Nothing is changing.


      2. If you read my comment carefully, you dumbass, I was talking about real life. How people talked about my anti-Obama in person and stuff. Does every reply of yours have to be an asshole comment??? Grow up.


      3. You telling me to get a life… you need to get one too. Replying to my blog all day, 24/7 it seems like. You just wait for me to post something… waiting for a good opportunity to give me a hard time on something. You need to get out and experience things too. I don’t need people paying attention to me. I don’t blog for other people. I blog for me.


      4. How do people in real life know you have anti-Obama views? Do you randomly tell them? Does it come up and you start going off on Obama?

        What I’m getting at is are people reacting to the way you come across not liking Obama?

      5. People see my online posts like in facebook, my blog, etc. That’s how people know I have anti-Obama views ’cause they see my stuff online and some of them have the guts to complain to me about it in person. People do react to my dislike about Obama, online and off.

        I don’t care, though. It’s all good. That’s pretty much what I do it for is to get a reaction. I’m trying my best to get people to wake up about him. That’s my only mission. I don’t care what it takes.


      6. So wait, strangers see your posts online about whatever (in your case Obama, but it could be anything), and then they see you in person and give you a hard time about it?

        Tell ’em to fuck off or punch them in the face. Teach them not to bring online stuff in the real world.

      7. I haven’t had any strangers come up to me about it. It’s mostly people I know in my life. I don’t tell them to fuck off or punch them in face… I just ignore ’em.


      8. Well, my original question was about encountering liberals “everywhere” in real life. If it’s just people you already know, didn’t you know about their political beliefs? And even if you didn’t, those are people you know and actively engage with and hardly a reflection of people in general.

        People you know still shouldn’t be bringing online stuff into real life unless you directly slandered them or something. They need to keep it online. Tell them that in no uncertain terms.

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