“Ghostbusters 3” will be an all female re-boot and will be directed by Paul Feig…

Due to the death of Harold Ramis, Ivan Reitman had to pull out of directing “Ghostbusters 3” out of respect for his friend. Now Sony have found a replacement director. Paul Feig will be directing the 3rd installment.

Dan Aykroyd will return as Dr. Ray Stantz but it’s looking like Bill Murray will not return. It is not yet known if Ernie Hudson will return as Winston Zeddemore.

As you will read in this article, the new Ghostbusters will be all female.


I actually dig the idea of all female Ghostbusters. What actresses will get the new roles???

I pick:

Michelle Rodriguez
Rhonda Rousey (UFC fame)
Jennifer Lawrence
Milla Jovovich

Sounds like a pretty good team to me!


4 thoughts on ““Ghostbusters 3” will be an all female re-boot and will be directed by Paul Feig…”

    1. Well Melissa McCarthy will fit that role pretty good and I wouldn’t be surprised if they get her. She’s a huge woman and I can see them doing funny things with her.

      An all female Ghostbusters will spark a lot of controversy, though but I’m willing to give it a chance.

      Dan Aykroyd have been talking about in interviews for years now that he wanted the Ghostbusters to be female. It was his idea.


      1. Well Dan Aykroyd said in an interview in the past that this female Ghostbusters will be young females and he already mentioned Emma Stone and Brie Larson. So the female Ghostbusters will be young, probably in the early 20’s.

        Chloe Moretz is not a bad idea as well!


      2. Those are good choices. I’ve had enough of Melissa McCarthy or whatever her name is and I’ve never seen any of her movies. Rashida Jones would be good too.

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