Obama and Isis are both on the same team, last thing you wanna do is trust either of them…

I just watched Obama’s response to the Isis beheading of the US journalist, James Wright Foley. It may seem like that Isis is threatening Obama and Obama taking it all seriously but the last thing you wanna do is trust either one of them. Both are on the same team. Obama and Isis are working together. All of Isis’s threats toward Obama that if he don’t stop the airstrikes they will behead more Americans is all just a cover-up of them teaming together. Obama is teaming up with Isis so he can have them help turn the US into the United States of Islam which they already did overseas.

Obama does the response speech in Martha’s Vineyard instead of the White House and Obama wears no tie. That’s gotta say something, right???

There are plenty of ways to take down Isis and to rescue James Wright Foley. Obama sending US troops over there or Navy Seals??? Nope, Obama didn’t do any of that but instead… he did air strikes which solves nothing.

Obama wanted James Wright Foley to be kidnapped and I think they are faking his death. I saw the James Foley beheading video in youtube and they didn’t even show the whole thing. They didn’t show us proof that James Foley is killed. So James Foley could still be alive. That beheading video all over the internet could be fake and just acting. That beheading video looks kind of familiar though… it kind of looks like that Muslim video that was blamed for the Benghazi attacks.

Last thing you wanna do is believe either one of them. They think we’re gullible but we’re not. Obama won’t take down Isis even though he claims he will. Obama claimed he’ll take down Isis many times and here we are, Isis is still standing and going strong. I’m pretty sure Obama is enjoying what Isis is doing, you can see it on his face during his speech in Martha’s Vineyard today.

If Obama knew that James Foley was being held captive by Isis, do you think that Obama would have cancelled his Martha’s Vineyard vacation and made an emergency trip to the White House to try and rescue him???

Obama doesn’t care about innocent Americans being killed. He left 4 Americans dead in Benghazi, one American dead during Operation F&F and now this Isis beheading thing if Foley really is dead that is. Foley could have been rescued easily.

Obama and Isis are playing tricks on us… trying to get us to believe they are not working together when they are.

Notice how during Obama’s response he didn’t even acknowledge Isis’s religion as Muslim???

I know I’m probably gonna get slammed for this post by a few idiots but they’ll just get deleted and ignored anyway.


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