I’m just trying to tell you guys not to trust and believe in Obama… THAT IS ALL!!!!

After all these years of me calling out all of Obama’s bullshit… everybody wants to try and debunk everything no matter the situation. Everyone wants to disagree with everything that criticizes Obama. You see my goal of what I’m doing with my Obama discussions and rants is that all I’ve been doing is trying to get people not to believe everything this man says and not be quick into trusting him.

This guy is obsessed with lying, that’s Obama. He is not to be trusted either. You guys want to believe that most of the stuff reported about Obama through right-wing news is all make believe tabloids or comedy/satire stuff or “conspiracy theory” or whatever you wanna call it. Well, what’s strange is that you can’t seem to understand that this administration is all tabloids and satire stuff.

Every time Obama opens his mouth is a lie. Everything about his life is pretty likely untrue. We don’t know much about him at all, he is not transparent… yet there are some people that have no problem with him and find him completely harmless.

I don’t care to watch Obama speeches, press conferences or public statements anymore ’cause chances are all he’s gonna do is spew out a bunch of bullshit like usual. His recent statement on Isis yesterday was bullshit.

You don’t wanna believe that it’s difficult to defeat Isis when you know it’s all bullshit. It’s not rocket science to defeat Isis. To me, they look pretty easy to get rid of. Obama is just trying to make himself look like a hero over Isis. Obama is an egotistical prick. He doesn’t want war with Isis ’cause he knows it’s gonna ruin his plan into turning the US into a Muslim country which is his goal. He claims that Isis isn’t Islamic but once again you don’t wanna be quick into believing in his lies. He’s trying to get us to believing that Muslims aren’t violent and evil. Trying to fool us that Islam is a peaceful religion.

He’s lied about so much shit over the years: Benghazi, Operation F&F, Obamacare, etc. The usual list.

You see the thing is all the Obama criticizers want to think they’re right and all the Obama defenders want to think they’re right about what they say about him. With Obama’s obsessive lying and non-trusting behavior, you just never know who’s right and who’s wrong ’cause as of this point there’s no proof on who’s right either way. That’s the way it is with Obama. For example I could be wrong that Obama was born from Kenya and you could be wrong that he was born in the USA. I could be wrong that Obama knew that Benghazi was a terrorist attack and wasn’t blamed on some video and you could be wrong that Benghazi was blamed on a video. I could be wrong that Obama was behind “Operation F&F” and you could be wrong that he wasn’t.

I think you get the idea of what I’m trying to get at, I hope.

Both of us could be wrong on everything we’re saying about him. I don’t care whether or not I’m wrong about Obama being born in Kenya or him being behind Benghazi or Operation F&F.

My only mission with my Obama posts is that I’m trying to get people not to trust him. I’ve been doing exactly that in every Obama post I’ve made from day 1.

You can’t be quick in believing what this administration puts out there. You can’t believe what liberal media puts out there too yes I’m talking about NBC, CNN, CBS, etc.

When Obama announced yesterday, he claims to be taking action on Isis, sure enough… I see liberals in facebook going nuts about it… they’re like… “Oh yes, finally Obama is doing something about Isis, he’s my freakin’ hero….”. You get the deal, here.

You see airstrikes and sending a small amount of military isn’t a good strategy. It is weak. If there was a Republican president in the White House, he would’ve consulted with Congress to get all an out war going with Isis. That’s what we need. War. We need a lot of military to take down Isis. Isis is not all that dangerous as they look like I said once before.

Our country is in serious danger. It’s not because of Isis. It’s not because of Al-qaeda and Muslims. It’s not because illegal aliens entering our country through Mexico. Our country is in serious danger simply because Obama is in the White House. I don’t feel safe at all with Obama in the oval office. He needs to go. Get rid of Obama, then we’ll feel safer.


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