Isis allegedly beheads another one…

Ya know, as long as Isis is still standing… they’re gonna keep releasing more and more beheading videos. They keep threatening Obama. If you stop and think about this for a few minutes if Isis threatened a different president whether republican or democrat, he wouldn’t sit back and let his life being threatened like that. He would’ve sent a bunch of military over and drop bombs on them until every last one is dead. That’s what a real president would have done. A real president wouldn’t  have came up with weak strategies like airstrikes and a small amount of military. If this was George W. Bush, he would’ve bombed every last one of them right after the first beheading video came out. As long as Isis keeps threatening Obama and Obama sits back and not doing much about it, that’s gotta say something.

These videos had to be filmed in a studio or something ’cause if they were in an open desert, they could be found.

It may seem like that Isis is threatening Obama but I think they’re just acting. Trying to cover up that Obama and Isis (or Isil) are on the same team. A real president would respond to threats like that immediately.

If Isis is serious on taking down Obama by all means, they can take him for all I care. If they want Obama, they can keep Obama. Obama’s a worthless piece of trash anyways. America doesn’t care what happens to Obama.


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