19 Government documents missing… what do they have to hide???

Why does the US government think it’s okay to commit crimes, cover it all up and get away with it??? Check out this list on the 19 government documents that went away missing and never was to be found. “Benghazi” and “Operation: F&F” are definitely in there but there is more.

Both Bush and Obama have missing documents but as you can see, Hillary has the most documents that are missing more than Bush and Obama. Crazy ain’t it?

Not only that Hillary is responsible for the murder of the 4 at Benghazi, I also think she had Vince Foster murdered. She made it look like a suicide and covered it up. So Hillary is no stranger to cover ups.


I’m real tired of the misinformed liberals going nuts over Hillary for 2016. Liberals in America will never hold her responsible no matter what gets put out there. Really, what is so special about Hillary??? Why do libtards out there love her so much? Hillary’s book was over hyped to death and it was an absolute failure… nobody bought her stupid book. She committed too many crimes and gotten away with it, yet people treat her like she’s a big star. Isn’t this messed up or what??? Here is somebody that needs to be in a woman’s prison.

We really can’t have Hillary as president. If that happens I’ll move to Canada or the UK.


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