Obama White House refusing to call France massacre “terrorism”… no surprise there…

They refused to call Benghazi and the Ft. Hood shootings terrorism… now they are refusing to call this “terrorism”. No surprise there. I know this is Josh Earnest talking but that guy is Obama’s press secretary. It seems like that these the days the Press Secretary’s job is to lie for the president and to pass along whatever the president wants to be said to the press.


America should be very scared of this president but nope. No matter what Obama says or does, there’s nothing wrong with him. They’ll think Obama has every right to be doing what he’s doing no matter the situation. The delusional left will never see the “evil” in this man.

Anything that involves Islam, he refuses to call it “terrorism”. Yet, he’s more worried about the police in America and the Sony hack attacks. Wake up, America, he’s a Muslim sympathizer and terrorist supporter.


One thought on “Obama White House refusing to call France massacre “terrorism”… no surprise there…”

  1. It’s total garbage what has happened here, I hope tons of newspapers and magazines run satirical cartoons in retaliation.

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