Aaaah, Islam the religion of peace…

After things like 9/11/01, Benghazi, ISIS and now this,  you can’t blame people for calling Islam evil ’cause they really are. Ben Affleck defended this religion like a delusional idiot and Hillary says we should show them more “empathy”. Really?

I’m also positive that Obama himself wouldn’t care that this happened. I’m sure he’s smiling and I wouldn’t be surprised that he sent out those gunmen to kill those satire journalists in France. After all, wasn’t it Obama that kept saying things like, “The future do not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam” and he even said he will “Stand with the Muslims”.

Islam is evil. Whether you agree with it or not, this religion is a huge problem in this world. Not just in the USA, they are a problem everywhere. We must eliminate Islam somehow. Destroy them all and wipe ’em out.

Anybody who defends Islam is insane and delusional. I’m talking to you Ben Affleck, fucking prick.


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