So Benghazi happened a long time ago, hey???

Tommy Vietor pictured above claimed that Benghazi happened a couple of years ago. Yeah Tommy used to be a part of this Administration who defended them over Benghazi over some news show on TV.

Then Obummer brings up the European Crusades claiming how dangerous and evil Christians were back then.

On top of that, I don’t think Obummer’s being 100% honest about the European Crusades like when is Obummer honest about anything? Obummer tried to make it look like that Muslims were the victims during the Crusades but if you read into the Crusades more like I did, you would see that Obummer is lying as usual…

In reality, the Crusaders weren’t bad guys like Obummer tried to make them look like at the National Prayer Breakfast speech. He tried to compare the Crusades as being the same as ISIS/ISIL. Obummer, full of shit like usual. Obummer is WAY OFF on that.

Read the first Crusade…

In reality, the Christians were heroes aka good guys. The Muslims took their holy land and Pope John Urban II urged the knights and noblemen to fight back. So in reality, Islam were the ones being “evil” in the whole Crusades war. Read upon it.

Thanks to Obummer, he actually got me interested in learning more about the European Crusades. It’s interesting stuff actually and most of you know I’m a pretty big history buff.

So did “people commit terrible deeds” in the name of Christ? Not what I see here at all during the Crusades. The Crusaders did what they did for the “love of Christ” not for terrible deeds as Obummer put it. Muslims were 100% evil in all this. So all of those Muslims that got slaughtered and killed during the Crusades was well-deserved for them anyways.

Obummer thinks we’re stupid and naive but we’re not. All it takes is a quick google search to catch his lies. All he tried to do at that National Prayer speech was that he tried to make Islam look good like usual and he was trying to beg us to respect them and love them. Listen to his speech and you would see what I mean. He actually defended Muslims actions of violence too which is crazy.

I’m so sick of this president and I’m sick of people defending this man and acting like he does nothing wrong no matter the situation. When will people finally see that he’s nothing but a big piece of garbage?


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