Obama wasting time making silly videos while America is in danger of Islamic terrorism… what kind of leader is that, America???

If we had a real president, he wouldn’t have been making silly viral videos on the internet to promote the ACA or Michelle’s “Let’s Move” campaign. At least Bush never did any of that during his presidency. Is Obama a president or a celebrity? Seems like he’s trying to make himself a celebrity with him making all of these TV appearances on TV talk shows such as Ellen and others.

Each time Obummer does stuff like this, liberals go nuts over him saying a bunch of immature bullshit like, “OMG, he’s such a classy guy”, “He is so awesome”, “He’s the best president we’ve ever had”, etc. Blah blah blah… just a bunch of libtards jerking off over him each time.

I’m tired of seeing liberal lunatics treating this son of a bitch positively.

Why release this Buzzfeed ACA video shortly after Kayla Mueller’s alledged death? Is that a way to get our minds off it? Is that a way to get our minds off the Chapel Hill shooting???

When will people get the hint that Obummer doesn’t care for America?? A real leader wouldn’t have focused on garbage like this. He tried to make it look like that he wants to go to war against ISIS and begin another Iraq war and yet here he is, shoving Obamacare in our faces again.

People are getting killed left and right due to Islamic terrorism and all Obummer can do is make silly videos, go on vacations, go to fundraisers and golf. Is that a real leader, America? While Obummer was making that dumb video, I’m sure Isis was in the middle of taking another victim and you think there is nothing wrong with Obummer.

This country is really messed up.


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