Obamacare, really affordable? Of course not!!!!!!

The second you sign up for the ACA, you just got your life destroyed by Obama. This is what Obummer wants to do. He wants to destroy your life. Destroy middle class people. The ACA will do exactly that. This is why the ACA is very dangerous. Anybody who believes Obamacare is good is delusional and living on a different planet.


On top of all this, whether or not we are enrolled into the ACA… each and everyone of us are still affected by it in some form or another. I’m sure this law affects your jobs, benefits, pharmaceutical companies, medicaid and god knows what else.

This health law is very dangerous and it needs to go. Full repeal.

You try to warn people about the ACA, nobody wants to listen. They’ll defend it and make claims that they have no place to go for help. No matter what help you go to, everything is affected by Obamacare. It’s dangerous and evil. Look you don’t have to agree with everything that Obummer says or does. What happened to reality and honesty? Nobody knows what that is anymore. I bet when people enrolled into Obamacare, not one person read the law before signing onto it.

Just part of Obummer’s plan in trying to destroy America. Obamacare is already ruining a lot of people’s lives ever since it got signed into law. He tricked you into thinking it was good. He knows some Americans are naive and dumb. He’s good at controlling people and manipulating you.

Anybody that says the ACA is working for them is lying. Quit defending the ACA ’cause you’ll feel sorry that you did. The ACA really needs to get repealed and Obummer needs to get impeached for it too.


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