Today is the Obamacare enrollment so-called deadline but who cares…

When you want to point out all the Obamacare horror stories that are out there or point out all the bad policies in it, sure enough, the ACA supporters will defend it. They will act like Obama is never in the wrong no matter the situation. When somebody gets a hefty fine for it, they’ll claim it’s not Obummer’s fault… they’ll blame the person who enrolled into it.

When I bash Obamacare, people will start questioning my health insurance and other stuff. Well, I won’t discuss my personal life ’cause it’s none of your damn business of how my life is off the computer. When you ask me about this stuff, you’re asking me some pretty “personal questions” and they don’t deserve to get answered. Fuck you would be my only response to that stuff.

Anyway, I could enroll into it just to see how it is and to investigate but once you enroll, there’s no going out. On top of this, I refuse to support anything Obama even if I hate the man. There are those out there who claim they hate Obama as well but they signed up for the ACA anyway ’cause they claim they have no choice for help and I say bullshit.

I refuse to support Obama’s bad policies. I refuse to support his lawlessness and his fraudulent presidency and this is what you’re doing if you sign up for the ACA. You’re supporting Obummer’s criminal actions and agreeing with it. You’re giving him more power and letting him get away with it.

Those who defend the ACA and pretend that it’s never Obummer’s fault just don’t want to admit the truth that the ACA is disastrous. You can’t take it that you just signed up for something evil and dangerous. The truth is bothering you.

Honestly, I believe that ACA enrollees knows how bad it is, they’ll never admit it. They’ll make lies that they had no other place to go. Sooner or later every American will be forced to enroll to it whether you want it or not. This will happen before Obummer’s presidency is done.

I don’t care what anybody says. Defend the ACA all you want to. It’s evil and dangerous. It wants to destroy the middle class and ruin our lives. To those who did enroll to Obummercare, lets see how it goes for ya. Sooner or later, you’ll be bitching and crying about how expensive it is and you could go broke ’cause of it. This is what the ACA wants to do, take our money right from our pockets. A lot of people have died ’cause of the ACA.

When we criticize the ACA, we get accused of siding with those crazy republicans. Not true. We really believe that the ACA is horrible and evil. We mean well.

A lot of people fell for the media’s lies about the ACA being good and helpful. That’s why people fell for it ’cause shit like Buzzfeed and the Two Ferns video tried to make the ACA look good. Anything Obummer touches is evil and dangerous, not just the ACA health law. Everything about that man is disastrous and I refuse to support it.

Anybody that believes that people had bad experiences with the ACA is not Obummer’s fault is a stupid idiot.

I don’t give a fuck what anybody says. The ACA needs a repeal and it needs to go. The same with Obummer himself, he needs to go too. This whole ACA is illegal, too many illegal things in it that people don’t realize just like Obummer’s presidency is illegal. ACA supporters and defenders are a bunch of losers and I ain’t afraid to say it.


One thought on “Today is the Obamacare enrollment so-called deadline but who cares…”

  1. Should people just pay the tax, then? If you don’t enroll in the ACA programs, they just take it out of your refund (or charge you if you owe taxes.)

    Honest question, because if your employer doesn’t provide healthcare, or if you’re not in Medicare, you have to either pay the tax or enroll in some type of ACA approved market healthcare. I don’t see any other alternative.

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