Hillary insider says “e-mail” scandal was an inside-job by Obama like I predicted before…

One of Hillary’s insiders who goes by the name of Ed Klein, claims that the “E-mail” scandal was started by Obama like I said like maybe once or twice before. Obama did this under the order of Valerie Jarrett who is Obama’s puppet. She’s the one who has been telling Obama to commit all of these scandals and crimes: Benghazi, Operation F&F, NSA, IRS, etc.

You would think that Obama is in charge of everything but in reality, Valerie Jarrett is calling all the shots. She’s the one that has been controlling Obama to destroy the country.


The question you have to ask is, why would Obama take orders by someone else when he’s the President of the United States? Well, knowing how inexperience Barack Obama is in politics… I’m sure he needed a teacher and a mentor… Valerie Jarrett is exactly that. I’m betting my money that Barack Obama is so unintelligent and dumb and needed someone to teach him how to run his presidency. Valerie Jarrett is his sidekick.

I’m sure Obama has other help for his presidency like Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, Hillary, etc. but Valerie Jarrett is his no. 1. Would Obama be elected president twice if it wasn’t for her? No probably not.

Valerie Jarrett is an evil woman. 10x’s worse than Hillary… and if you wonder why Obama supports Iran so much, that is where Valerie is from so go figure, hey?

If you think Obama is smart, intelligent and knows what he’s doing, then you’re delusional. He’s a pretty narcissistic and mentally ill guy.

Something needs to be done about Valerie, she needs to be thrown in prison too.


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