Hackers say that Hillary’s e-mail server maybe in Manhattan, NYC…

Now that Hillary’s “e-mail scandal” is a big deal in the news, it was only a matter of time that a group of hackers would be obsessed with it. They discovered that Hillary’s e-mail server might be in Manhattan. Why would it be in Manhattan in NYC??? Well that’s where Bill Clinton’s office is in Harlem which is not too far from the Clinton’s hometown in Chappaqua. They even have IP numbers leaked. It’s no surprise to see that Bill Clinton is helping out Hillary with the e-mail stuff.

Give it time. I’m sure the hackers will dig into her e-mails and they’ll leak ’em all pretty soon. We won’t need Congress to get their hands on the server, let the hackers have at it.

Hopefully they’ll find a bunch of stuff on Benghazi.


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