Isis threatens to behead Obama thoughts…

This is just a ploy to get Americans thinking that Obama and the White House isn’t in charge of ISIS. Obama and the White House started Isis. Abu Sayyaf wasn’t the leader of Isis. Obama himself is the leader of Isis and he has been all along. I don’t think Isis would kill one of their own, do you think? Obama is one of them. He started the whole Isis/Isil thing.

On top of that, I look at the EBN Alkim twitter page and it’s amazing that twitter would allow that to stay up there. I reported the page since the page is full of photos of dead bodies and other horrible things but I’m sure it’ll be no help. I’m sure many others tried reporting the page and it’s still up there. Is Obama in control of social networking as well?

Check out this twitter, pretty disturbing and scary stuff on this page…

Islam a peaceful religion, hey? Really take a look at some of those tweets and you see those Muslim people would believe that killing innocent people is no big deal to them. That’s what the Qur’an and Allah encourages them to do. Doing research on Islam, there are also tons of Muslims in twitter with their own accounts and a lot of encourage and support violence.

It’s amazing to me how twitter refuses to shut down that account and why threats toward Obama isn’t all over the news?

Isis is government controlled. Started by Obama and the White House. Isis was started to help turn the world into an Islamic state. Obama’s one of them guys, it’s already been proven.


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