Obama always have to insert himself into everything as usual…. *sigh*

Can you guys see how much of an egomaniac and narcissistic man Barack Obama really is? Why does every fucking thing needs to be about him? Everything he does, he needs to insert himself into everything. Every holiday that comes, he inserts himself into it. Every holiday, you can very well believe he’s going to post a pic of himself.

His Memorial Day speech in Arlington, I heard it on youtube today and usual, inserts himself into everything. He was going off about how he ended the wars in Afghanistan and all that crap.

If you guys ever get it through your thick heads, he wasn’t honoring soldiers with his speech in Arlington earlier today…


He was honoring himself. Telling you to respect him since he ended the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. This speech is him saying, “Hey America, I ended the wars, now respect me”. He’s one arrogant son of a bitch. He always has been.

You delusional liberals would think he’s doing a positive thing here but he isn’t. This is all him begging for respect since he ended the wars.

Watch Ronald Reagan’s speech on the video below. Ronald’s speech is how a Memorial Day speech is supposed to be done. Focusing on America and the troops. Reagan left himself out of things.


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