Liberals treat Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton like heroes yet they continue to ignore the bad side about them…

What is it with these freakin’ liberals treating liberal politicians like heroic figures and yet they continue to ignore the bad & evil side of them? They ignore all the bad stuff about Barack Obama and then they continue to treat him like he’s their fucking King. Now they’re doing the same with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

I wrote in facebook that both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are both corrupt but sure enough, people laugh it off. Libtards accuse me of not researching stuff before forming my opinion which is bullshit. Of course I research everything before I form an opinion. I get myself informed before I judge and I’m sure you can tell that I do. I wrote in facebook the other day that I don’t understand why so many people love Bernie Sanders so much when he’s just a corrupt crook like the rest of them in government. I’ll tell ya how Bernie Sanders is corrupt like all the others. Well for one he is a well known and confirmed socialist. Next up, here comes his perverted essay about fantasizing gang rape that he wrote back in 1972. His gang rape essay has been exposed but sure enough, liberals ignored it and they continued to support him anyways. Bernie Sanders is a perverted old man and yet libtards think Bernie would be good for America as president. Are you freakin’ kidding me?

Liberals also worship Hillary Clinton… ignoring all the number of scandals that she has and she is a huge liar and hasn’t accomplished anything. Yet, libtards love her anyway. When you ask libtards what she has accomplished over the years, they can’t up with an answer. They all believe that she should be president just because she’s a woman, yet they forget that Carly Fiorina is running too.

Isn’t this fucking pathetic and wrong? Like I said in a previous post, don’t fight with liberals. They will dispute everything you say. They will only side with their left-wing views.

You try to warn liberals that left-wing politicians and figures aren’t to be trusted, they’ll attack the hell out of you and call you out. Then they go out of their way to warn us not to trust right-wing figures like Donald Trump. They believe that left-wingers are good people and they believe right-wingers are bad. That’s how fucking one-sided these people are. It’s getting old and it’s all gotta stop.


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