5 Florida doctors are dead and 5 more Florida doctors went missing… were they Breitbarted???

This story here is scary and creepy as hell! Several Florida doctors were mysteriously killed and some went missing after having run-ins with Feds. Feds aka the FBI which the DOJ is in charge of.




See Obama’s mysterious deaths lists continues to grow to this day. Is the Obama White House behind these deaths and where have they taken the 5 that were missing? Obama is pretty good at killing people and covering his tracks. Still killing people left and right and you don’t see this story all over the mainstream news when it should be.

Wonder what all these doctors knew that we didn’t? Did it have anything to do with Barack’s birth certificate? Obamacare?

This is very suspicious. It reminds me of all those bankers that mysteriously died for no reason. As long as Obama’s in the White House, he’s gonna keep murdering people left and right. It’s nothing new. He’s been doing this for years.

All of these mysterious deaths should get investigated by the FBI but it won’t ’cause the DOJ and Obama are the FBI.

As a reminder, here’s one of my videos that I did that shows you people that were mysteriously killed under Obama. Wake up, America. We got a murderer in the White House.


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