Chattanooga shooting… another false flag… part of Jade Helm 15???

I’ve been doing a little reading on Jade Helm 15 and it’s pretty interesting. If you don’t know what Jade Helm 15 is, it’s a military training exercise. The exercise is a way for military to train to prepare themselves to fight enemies of the United States such as ISIS, Russia, etc.

Read more on Jade Helm here:

You don’t see Jade Helm being reported in the media anywhere ’cause it’s not supposed to. It’s supposed to be a private military operation, I think???

Anyway, 4 of our Marines have been shot and killed by some Muslim… surprise? The liberal media is all over this Muslim shooter ’cause he is part of a “conservative” Muslim family. Is there a such thing as a Muslim conservative?

This is just another attempt at “martial law” in the U.S.

Predictably, the libtard media isn’t saying whether the shooter, Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez is a Muslim ’cause the media likes to protect Islam and they will never admit that the shooter is a Muslim even though he has a Muslim name.

Also, where is the NSA???? I thought their spying was supposed to prevent terrorism and they haven’t been doing that at all. They’ve never foiled terrorist attacks ’cause it’s a bunch of bullshit. They spy on America ’cause the Obama admin. tells them to.

Notice there’s been a lot of shootings under Barack Obama? Most of them Muslims were involved including this one. It’s pretty crazy to me how the media wants to protect Islam. It should be a criminal act, I’m pretty sure it is. It’s pretty insane to me that the liberal left keeps defending Islam when Muslims did most of the violence than any other religion. Islam a peaceful religion? HA! FUCK YOU!!!!!!

Muslims are dangerous and evil. They encourage violence and killing people. They never feel remorseful for doing it either ’cause that’s what their Allah commands them to do and they’ll do anything for him even if it means suicidal bombing if they have to (9/11/01, anyone???). You can’t blame people for hating on Muslims and being scared of them. After 9/11/01 and Benghazi, we have every right to hate Islam. Islam Peaceful? Again, fuck you. It blows my mind that liberals continue to defend them. They don’t blame Muslims on 9/11/01, they blame George W. Pathetic.


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