Video: Doctor of Common Sense, “Obama is a Royal Screwup, Dammit!”

Another great video by videoblogger, ET Williams. Watch this video if you dare and listen to what he’s saying.

There are still people that still believe that Obama is a good president and that’s because they are naive enough to fall for the media’s lies. I agree with ET here that the mainstream media is in bed with Barack Obama for sure. The media treats Obama like the Duchess of Cambridge, it makes me sick really.

It’s mostly liberals and the low information independents who still believe Barack is a good president. When I see these kind of people, I throw my head back and laugh. Um, really? ET is right, what are the good things that Barack Obama has done to the country? Nothing that I can think of and I’m not gonna fall for the media’s lies ’cause I’m smart enough for that.

Barack has done nothing great for the country. The only thing he is good at is destroying the country and that is it.

Sure, the liberal community will try to make us believe that Barack Obama took down Bin Laden but the administration never showed us proof of that so I’m not gonna fall for that either.

I’m sorry but anybody who thinks Barack is a great president is delusional and I won’t be afraid to say it to your face. He is absolutely the worst president of all time. Obama made past presidents look too good. George W. wasn’t the greatest but Obama made George W. forgettable.

I’m tired of people defending Barack Obama no matter the situation. Each time Obama says or does something stupid, liberals will defend him no matter what. I really do think Obama and his admin. are in control of the media so they can make it look like he’s a great president when he’s not at all. Obama thinks he’s god and this country is trying to make him god. It’s pathetic really.

I’m all for a first black president but you gotta look at the person instead of the color of his skin. I’m not gonna vote for someone if he’s a piece of shit, I don’t care what his skin color is. Our first black president didn’t have to be that fraud Obama. Kenya and the US government were desperate to make Obama the first black president ’cause there wasn’t any other black candidate in the 2008 elections. So they committed fraud and forgery by making an illegal immigrant president when they knew what they were doing was a crime. If you think elections are run fair & square, you are delusional on that too ’cause Obama cheated both elections by voter fraud. If both elections were fair & square, I guarantee you Obama wouldn’t have gotten elected twice at all. We gotta fix our election system and make tougher laws on “voter” fraud so they can stop happening. If Obama wanted a 3rd term or extend his presidency by martial law, he can easily do that illegally. Stop being naive, people!


One thought on “Video: Doctor of Common Sense, “Obama is a Royal Screwup, Dammit!””

  1. My bad, there was another black candidate in the 2008 elections. I forgot about Alan Keyes who ran as a Republican in 2008. I would have preferred him as our first black president instead of Barack. He was one who challenged Obama for his eligibility. Filed a lawsuit for it but of course, lawsuit unsuccessful.


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