I wish libtards had the same compassion to the Benghazi 4 the same way they give compassion to a lion…


Liberal logic 101…

This post will probably offend libtards in America but I don’t care. I love offending libtards. It’s fun to do and fun to drive them crazy. It’s part of what I do this for ’cause they deserve it.

If this Cecil was gunned down by Muslims in Benghazi, I’m sure Hillary and Barack would have been thrown in prison in a flash. These “animal activists” are so dumb and annoying. Yes, animals lives matter but so do human lives… shouldn’t matter the skin color either.

While 4 American men getting murdered at a Benghazi consulate for no reason is real sad, what’s even sadder is that liberals never feel any compassion to any of them at all. Instead, they want answers of how a lion was killed. Really?

Here is more proof that liberalism is a mental disorder.

People on the “right-wing” side want answers for Benghazi but the “left-side” don’t give a shit at all. The left will be like, who cares about 4 people being dead… people die everyday, it happened a long time ago, tax payer money is being wasted on the investigations, etc. Yet they want Walter Palmer to be held accountable for killing a lion which will cost even more government tax payer money. Hypocrites. All of them.

I still stand by it today that I think the only reason the left don’t care about Benghazi is ’cause they don’t want to see their Hillary and Barack getting in trouble. They know what’s coming for them and they hate it. Fucking pathetic if you ask me.


One thought on “I wish libtards had the same compassion to the Benghazi 4 the same way they give compassion to a lion…”

  1. The lefty-Liberals don’t want answers because no matter how you slice and dice it those 4 deaths are a result of liberal leadership. It is happening again with ISIL Liberal leadership has failed to meet the threat.

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