No, Donald Trump is not being used as a plant to help make the Democrats win…

You gotta love how the left thinks. They really believe that Trump isn’t gonna win the election at all. Many on the left believe he is being used as a plant as a way for Democrats to be victorious in the elections again. Not true at all and you know it.

Donald Trump is his own man. His elections is the real deal. He’s planning to win all the way and he won’t let the Dems win this time. He won’t let it happen.

The loony left really are living in a delusional fantasy world. How is Trump helping the left? Hillary’s polls are falling. Bernie Sanders seems to be going up some but not so good. The left thinks they are doing well in the election so far when they are not. They know that Trump is doing better than anybody and they’ll never admit it. The left and their big egos… *yawn*.

I’m pretty confident that Donald Trump is gonna our next Prez and I can’t wait to see the left’s reaction when that happens. They’ll be pissed off for sure.

I also love how the loony left are accusing Donald Trump of hating women after him calling out Megyn Kelly. I’m almost pretty sure that the Donald doesn’t hate women at all. If he did then he wouldn’t be doing all the USA Pageant stuff, ya know?

The way I’m seeing it is, Trump is the kind of guy that if you treat him good, he’ll treat you good in return but if you treat him badly, he’ll treat you badly in return. That is just an observation. He doesn’t start fights with someone unless they start with him first. Like his feud with Rosie O’ Donnell for example.

When people give you bullshit, you have every right to defend yourself and attack back. It shouldn’t matter whether that person who attacked you is a man or a woman. A woman shouldn’t get a free pass for saying or doing stupid things. People always want to accuse Trump of starting things but they just do that ’cause he’s rich and he’s a hardcore conservative. That’s why all people can do is hate on him all the time. Hate hate hate. That’s all they can do.

My question is what took people this long  to figure out that Donald Trump is gonna be something special? It didn’t take me long to figure it out… I always knew Trump was a pretty interesting guy from way back. I used to watch both “The Apprentice” and “Celebrity Apprentice” obsessively… used to watch the USA Pageant… I’ve seen his CPAC speeches, saw plenty of interviews on TV so I always knew he was gonna be something special someday.

Donald Trump is gonna be our next prez, mark my words!


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