Watched GOP Debate No. 2 last night and it was great! Who did I think did the best job?

Yeah, I watched Debate No. 2 last night and it was surprisingly great. CNN surprisingly did really good hosting and moderating the debate last night…. probably because they were fair to Mr. Trump for the most part this time around which is awesome. Trump killed it and steals the show like he always does  but who else was I impressed with other than Trump?

Well, I may not have liked Ted Cruz in the past before but the guy is now growing on me. I’m starting to like Ted Cruz now, he was awesome. Wasn’t afraid to tell that both Republicans and Democrats are corrupt and needs to be fixed. Ted Cruz is a pretty fearless guy who isn’t afraid to say what’s on his mind.

I was also impressed with Marco Rubio. He did a better job last night. Rubio should surge in the polls after last night. Rubio told the truth about a lot of things. I think what did it to me was that Rubio said that Obama loves the Ayatollahs of Iran more than the Israel Prime Minister. Finally, somebody had the balls to call out Barack Obama and say that Obama loves Iran more than Israel which was ballsy for Rubio to say so for that reason alone, Rubio gets my respect now.

I was also impressed with Carly Fiorina… she’s getting my respect again. She did a great job defending herself about the Hewlett Packard stuff and she did a great job calling out Hillary Clinton. Carly should also surge in the polls after last night. Carly should also get a lot more respect from other women in America as well. If Carly wins the nomination, I’ll vote for her, absolutely even though Trump is still my choice for president. If it’s gonna be Carly vs. Hillary during the presidential debates, Carly is gonna destroy Hillary for sure… Carly vs. Hillary would be honestly cool.

As far as all the other guys go: Rand Paul, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Scott Walker and John Kasich… they were a bunch of idiots and losers, in my opinion.

Other than that, it was an entertaining as hell debate. Way better than the first one. As much as I hate CNN, they did a good job last night.


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