The reason why the US is taking refugees, illegal immigrants… the harsh truth…

So why is the US Government and Obama admin. desperately trying to get more people out of country in the United States? The Obama admin. opened the Mexican borders and illegals are pouring in like crazy. Illegals are coming into the country left and right. Now the Obama admin. are thinking about giving illegals the right to vote which was the plan all along.

Obama will bring in more than 10,000 Syrian refugees into the country and John Kerry announced that the US are gonna accept over 80,000 refugees world wide.

WHy is all of this going on?

The obvious answer is that they are desperate for more people to vote Democrat. Joe Biden is about ready to jump into the race and this is their desperate attempt to help him. Why are they trying to take people from out of country to vote Democrat? It’s simply because they know that Americans are getting sick of liberalism and most people here won’t vote Democrat so they are trying to think of other ways so Democrat candidates can win elections. They know that the Democrat side isn’t very popular in America so they’re desperate. They want Democrats to stay in power.

They can try all they must to try and stop Donald Trump from getting elected but even this little sneaky plan they have going isn’t gonna work. By the time the General Election comes around… Trump is gonna be way too popular by that time so this plan they have is not gonna work. Donald Trump is gonna be victorious in the election. The Obama admin. can try voter fraud, bringing people in from out of country, etc. Whatever. Them cheating is not gonna work this time ’cause Trump won’t let it happen.


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