Like I said, Trump isn’t going anywhere… sorry haters!

All the mainstream media is trying to do is trying to get Donald Trump to step-down and I tried telling you before, he’s not going anywhere. That’s the only reason the media hates him ’cause his polls are pretty high and they can’t stand it.

Sorry, y’all but I’m pretty confident that Donald Trump is gonna be our next prez.

The Democrats can do whatever they want to try and steal this election… they can bring in Biden, they can bring in illegal immigrants, bring in Muslim refugees and try voter fraud in some states but none of that is gonna work. Even Barack trying to cancel the elections and extending his presidency is not gonna work ’cause Trump won’t let that happen. If Barack Obama tried to extend his presidency, Trump is gonna fight back and he will fight back hard.

Trump is gonna win by a landslide, trust me.

If you’re a liberal and if you hate Donald Trump then you’re probably a big fan of Bernie Sanders and still like Barack Obama. Well, both Sanders and Obama are the same.

If you’re a conservative and if you hate Trump, then you probably like Ted Cruz who isn’t even eligible. HA!

Trump is gonna be our next prez. I just know he will.

When that happens and Trump gets elected, yes, there’s definitely gonna be all kinds of “cries” for “impeachment” and they’re gonna accuse him of committing all kinds of government crimes for sure. I don’t think Trump will be the kind of president who will commit all kinds of government crimes, he’s not gonna be that kind of president at all. He’s gonna be the type of president who will enforce the law and obey the Constitution at all times. That’s the kind of president we need and we haven’t had a president like that in decades.

There’s no reason to hate Trump at all. The only reason I can think of is that he’s too “America” and too “presidential”. A true patriot is what he is. I wish people would stop being ignorant and give him a chance. He cares for all people and wants to make America better for everyone.


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