Trey Gowdy finally responds to all the critics & haters to his Benghazi Select Committee…

I know how a lot of people wanna mistakenly judge Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi Select Committee. People wanna accuse him of bringing down Hillary. People wanna accuse him of not doing enough or accuse him of working so slow but in Trey Gowdy’s article here… he wants to clarify all those things.

Trey wants the American people to be clear that they are working very quickly and getting a lot done. They are getting a lot of information and getting a lot of truths but they still have more work to do. In this write-up by Trey Gowdy, he vowed to get everything. The full picture. This man is no joke and he’s taking this investigation very seriously.

Like I said many times, Benghazi is gonna be a long and tough investigation ’cause Obama and Hillary covered their tracks pretty well. Trey vows to get the full truth — it doesn’t matter whether or not Obama or Hillary were responsible for the attacks.

Trey will reveal everything when he’s ready so be patient, he’ll reveal all once he gets everything. All those wanting this investigation shut down is being disrespectful to the 4 victims and their families… all the critics should feel ashamed of themselves.

I totally believe in this Committee and I stand with Trey!


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