Whenever Trey proves that his Select Committee isn’t about Hillary, they will accuse him of taking down Obama next…

Whenever Trey Gowdy successfully proves that his Select Committee on Benghazi isn’t about Hillary Clinton and believe me, he will prove it and I think he will prove it this Thursday during her testimony… I think liberals will accuse Trey Gowdy of taking down someone else. Liberals will find a different way to shut Gowdy’s investigation down if Hillary doesn’t work. If Hillary doesn’t work, they’ll find a way to accuse Trey of taking down Obama.

This is my prediction. Liberals and the mainstream media will always try to find a way to shut it down. They’re not gonna give it up. If they can’t find a way to accuse Trey of taking down Hillary, they’ll try something else. Trust me.

Liberals and the MSM want it shut down and doing all they can do shut it down ’cause they are afraid of the truth coming out. Oh yes, that is the only reason. They can’t take it that the US government maybe involved in a gun running shipment there in Benghazi and the MSM is doing all they can to stop that information from getting out there ’cause they don’t want to damage the Obama admin. That is why they are accusing Trey of taking down Hillary as an excuse to shut down his investigation.

If Hillary doesn’t work, they’ll try it on Obama next. Maybe they’ll accuse Trey of trying to take down Susan Rice too, she’s another possibility. Liberals and the MSM are just doing whatever it takes to end Trey’s investigation and that’s all they’re doing. They’re scared to death of the truth, all of them. Period. End of story.

They don’t want to hear what kind of crime that Barack Obama maybe involved in and that’s what’s scaring everybody.

Well that’s tough shit, you bunch of libtards. The truth is gonna come out soon enough no matter what happens.

Oh I hope Hillary shows up this Thursday. I kind of wished they were airing that hearing live on the internet ’cause I would love to see Trey destroy her in front of the whole world. That would be better than pay per view TV for sure.





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