Donald Trump just speaks for himself, he doesn’t speak for either political parties or for the media…

A lot of people want to accuse Trump of being a progressive or a “liberal” just because he calls out the GOP party and the GOP establishment. The thing what I love about Trump and it’s probably the same reason why most people love Trump is that he simply speaks for himself. He doesn’t speak for either Republican or Democrat. He doesn’t speak for the media either. He’s just an honest and fearless guy, that’s all there is to it. We need more real people like Donald Trump ’cause there are too many fakes in this world for sure. He’s just a guy who isn’t afraid to say what’s on his mind and if other people doesn’t like it, he doesn’t give a shit. People expects him to apologize and retract things for the things they think he says is “wrong” but he doesn’t back down at all. The Donald doesn’t use scripts, teleprompters, personal assistants or handlers. He doesn’t need any of that ’cause he’s one of the best speakers out there and he’s great at speaking his mind without reading off of anything at all.

Trump doesn’t have anybody using his social media either. Most celebrities would have their managers, press agents, personal assistants, etc. to do their social media for them but not Trump. When Trump posts on his facebook and twitter, that’s really him. He’s one of the very few celebs who doesn’t have anyone else running his social media. I know Trump’s facebook/twitter wars with other people is kind of weird but he’s just like the rest of us. You know how real people like us use facebook/twitter to speak our minds and rant about things? Well, Trump is the same way. He too uses social media, youtube, etc. to rant about things and get things off his system.

That’s why people hate Trump ’cause he’s his own man. He’s the real deal. There are way too many celebrities and politicians that uses “handlers” so they can be careful not to say “offensive” things in the media that would get them in trouble. Not Trump, though. Trump is an intelligent guy, he doesn’t need teleprompters or handlers at all.

The reason why Trump doesn’t need handlers or teleprompter is ’cause this is probably from many years of experience of being a successful business man. He has probably done plenty of public speaking in the past. When he first started out doing public speaking back when he was young, I’m sure he started out reading off of things but he got better with public speaking as years went along and now he’s a pro.

Why is the Donald so tough and aggressive? Well, I’m almost pretty sure he got that from his father, Fred Trump who was also a successful business man. Donald probably learned from him.

People support Trump ’cause he’s real and there are not many people like him these days.


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